#OC12 – Lets talk about Numbers in Youth Ministry

in General on April 27, 2012

How big is the average youth group
I’ve loved that the last few days at this massively giant Youth Ministry conference (and children’s and Sr. Pastors Conference) I have had the pleasure of meeting so many great Youth Pastors and having conversations with them, and with the exception of a few times, numbers hasn’t come up. I love that its becoming looked down on to lead a conversation with numbers and have that conversation.
This morning Andy Stanley said a statement that I loved – “What if instead of talking about the number of people we are reaching we started talking about the number of people we aren’t.”
I love this. But what convicts me is the idea of, do I even know how many students are within my area of reach that our ministry is not reaching? Do you know how many students there are in the schools you touch that are not connected to a Student Ministry?
I’ve been haunted by that task because that is something I had started looking into several months ago, but got sidetracked. Our ministry reaches into 28 schools between Middle School and Sr. High, and just with the 6 schools closest to us with the most students in our ministry, there are are roughly 7,800 students that are not being reached by a Youth Group. Thats just a fraction of the total because I already feel like a failure looking at what we do have compared to that number and trying to think through “How do we reach even 1/10th of that number?”
And when you put it like that, it kind of shifts your perspective, right?

Youth Ministry in tQuestion: Whats the total number of students not being reached by he schools within your influence?

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