10 Tips To Make Ministry Better This Easter

Easter church ideas

Easter is the second most heavily attended church day of the year, right behind the Christmas service. For some pastors, this is a scary time because of how much time is going to be put into it. Others are putting on an extra production to “snag a few lost people.” Still other pastors are looking at how worn down they are and not sure if they can make it through this.

We want to give you ten tips on how you can make ministry better for them and for yourself.

  1. Opt Out Of The Easter Egg Hunt. Let the Children’s pastor or a volunteer take it over this year. Instead of spending 5 hours of your week on this less than spiritual event, take the time to pray for every student who comes by name.
  2. Have Communion With Your Volunteers The Day Before. This idea is actually seen by many as unreasonable, but imagine the power and memories that this will make. Sharing the life and blood of Christ with those who not only know your struggles in ministry, but have the same burning passion for teens?
  3. Have Students Invite Friends To Church All Week. This is the second most heavily attended week of church all year, capitalize on the more-than-normal opportunity of open hearts and have your student leaders and volunteers invite every single person they see to come and hear a sermon about the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior.
  4. Share Key Verses On Social Media. You are likely to get a ton of retweets and Facebook comments by people this week on all things spiritual. Allow the Spirit of God to spread through every medium of communication we have. For some teens, this may be the first time they read those Bible passages.
  5. Prepare Your Own Heart This is one of the busiest times of the year for churches and that means schedule conflicts, ten different Walmart runs in a week, and trying to find enough volunteers to help out. But do not forget your own heart in this process because if you preach out of an empty cup, your message will reflect it.
  6. Make It A Whole Week’s Investment. Challenge your teens to read from Palm Sunday to the resurrection every day, journal about it, and then share when you meet about what has impacted them most or something significant that became apparent. YouVersion.com has a great 7-Day Easter reading plan that is already prepared for you.
  7. Make It Experiential I am not talking about cult ideas here, but to move towards an understand of what it must have been like to see Jesus on the cross. Protestants, I HIGHLY recommend doing the stations of the Cross with your teens and when you get to the resurrected King, to take communion and pray.
  8. Serve The Community In Some Way. Teens are looking for a faith that is more than just something you read, they want to use their hands and their hearts. Go out and do something that your community desperately needs: feed the homeless, help Habitat for Humanity, or help a widow with chores around her house.
  9. Focus On Relationships, Not The Sermon. Simply Youth Ministry has come out this year with a Holiday lesson pack, including several Easter sermons for you to use. Why not purchase that so you can use those 10-20 hours of sermon prep to build relationships with students who are new to your ministry?
  10. Highlight All Parts Of The Story Thoroughly. The Easter story has low points of the betrayal, deceit, and death of Christ on the cross. At the same time, there is hope in the sins He took on at His death, the resurrection, and ascension into heaven. Ensure that the whole story is told to your teens, not just the “fun” or “convicting parts.”

What else do you plan to do this Easter to do better ministry?



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