Youth Ministry Rewards Program rewards

Who loves free stuff? We’re guessing: You.

When we started this site, one of the things we wanted to be able to do was resource Youth Pastors with sweet, free stuff. The whole reason we have advertisements on the sidebar isn’t to make a profit, but to make money to buy stuff for Youth Pastors. In time, we hope to build better relationships with others to get better, sweeter stuff donated to give out, but for now, we are just excited that we have hit a mark with our Ad sales to start giving out the swag.

You may have noticed the red ribbon protruding onto the screen in the lower left of this window, and never thought much of it. It says Rewards, and, well, its a rewards program we have for the site. Click it, log into Facebook, and your all signed up.

With our Rewards program, you earn points every day you visit the site. If you comment on an article, thats an extra 100 points. If you share an article, its 100 points for every share you give (so if you tweet it, 100 points, Facebook it, 100 points, google+ it, 100 points).

And what we are excited about right now is our new catalog of stuff you can receive with those points.

For 12,000 points, you can get the Think Orange handbook by Reggie Joiner and the Rethink Group.

For 10,000 points, you can choose to get either Almost Christian by Kenda Creasy Dean, or a $20 Starbucks gift card.

For 7,500 points, you can receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

For 5,000 points, you can receive 99 Thoughts for Small Group Leaders by Joshua Griffin.

The thing is that we only have 5 of each of these things right now. Once they are gone, they are gone!

But don’t worry, we’ll replace them with other sweet prizes as soon as we need to.

So start earning points! We can’t wait to give away this stuff!



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