That New Guy #3: …Oh no…


It’s Spring Break in our school district right now, and I’ve been slammed playing catch up!  We don’t have midweek service, so all of the “Oh, that needs to get done eventually” stuff is getting punched in the mouth.  This morning, I realized it’s my only lunch this week that isn’t already booked, so I shot a message to some of my junior high guys in town for the week.  A couple of them said they’d be game for some Chili’s so I picked them up and we made the 20 minute drive!

We walk in and found our seat, and I go to take out my phone to set it on the table.  Force of habit, I guess.  I then go through another ritual/habit I’ve got.  Maybe you’ve got it too?  The “Four Pocket Pat Down.”  I can’t be the only one who does this…I do a spot check on all four pockets in my jeans, to make sure what belongs there is there.  Front left?  Phone.  Front right?  Keys.  Back right?  Nothing.  Back left? ….oh no.   “Phone, keys, nothing, wallet” became “Phone, keys, nothing, shear terror.”

I calmly told the guys, “Grab me a water, I’m going grab something from the car.”  I went out, no dice.  No wallet to be found.  I’d driven, in the rain, with two junior highers, and no license.  No debit card.  No cash.  My office was easily a 20 minute drive away.

Sometimes, that’s my life though.  I get so used to the mundane that I neglect the important, regular details.  I get so caught up in everything that I need to be doing, that I forget necessary details, vital to my every day life.  Whether it’s having time in prayer, texting my wife that I love her, getting enough sleep, or having down time.  They’re necessary things that can become rituals or habits, and you take them for granted.  It’s not until you desperately need it that you notice you’ve let it slip away.


Oh, and ironically, my lack of responsibility in forgetting my wallet was covered by another lack of responsibility.  I had in my glove box some petty cash from pizza sales that needed to be deposited.  I hadn’t deposited it yet, but I did get to pay for lunch.  Oops.


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