An Easier way to message students

I have played many sports and even coached a few, in fact football is a huge passion of mine. I have always been and will always be a jock. The only difference is I am trying to get in touch with my geeky side. Sometimes I think being a bit geeky would make being a Student Minister easier.

In my quest to find my inner geek, I have come across a few apps in the android market that have made my job simpler. Recently I discovered a series of apps that have been perfect for contacting students.

The GO Team has made GO Contacts EX which allows me to group my contacts into different categories such as a student category or college student category.  This app makes it SUPER easy to gain all my needed contacts phone numbers at one touch of a button. GO Team has also made an app that compliments GO Contacts EX called GO SMS Pro. With both these apps downloaded, you can send a mass text to all of your grouped contacts and even schedule SMS and MMS messages. The GO Team have made many apps but these two have completely changed how I communicate with my students and have made communicating with them easier and more effective.

You may never hear me speak of technology again but I sure hope this will help you in your ministry.



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