SEE Good Stuff… SAY Good Stuff

February 16, 2012     Jordan Easley    


Youth Ministry Encouragement
Did you know that you have complete control of your attitude? There is nothing in this world powerful enough to MAKE you have a bitter or poor attitude. Your circumstances don’t determine your attitude… you do. That’s pretty powerful.
Another thing that is powerful: You have the ability to promote positivity to those around you. Think about that. You, as a Youth Pastor, can make those around you in Youth Ministry better. You can’t MAKE someone feel good about themselves, but you can give them a reason to. You can’t MAKE someone feel appreciated or admired, but you can remind them that they are.
As Youth Pastors, and really it applies to more than just those of us in Youth Ministry, here is where we fail most of the time: We think good thoughts, but we keep them to ourselves. Although we have the power to promote positivity, we choose to keep our thoughts to ourselves and therefore waste opportunities to encourage the people around us.  In the world of ministry, the people around you are hungry for your affirmation, encouragement and support.  Students in your ministry, Parents that are trying to figure things out, Volunteers who sacrificially give of their time and energy, Staff Members who are burned out and worked to the bone.  You have an opportunity here!
Here’s my challenge for you today: Use the power God has given you to promote positivity to the people you come in contact with.
Here’s how:
When you SEE good stuff… SAY good stuff! It’s as simple as that. When you see something good, verbalize it and encourage someone.
We think good thoughts all the time.
“She’s working really hard today” …say it and see the result.
“That was a really good message” …why not verbalize that and encourage someone.
“Dinner tonight was amazing” …he/she will want to cook more if you express your appreciation.Don’t just SEE good stuff… commit to SAY good stuff and use the power to promote positivity in your own word.
If You want to be a Spotlight Leader , which Youth Pastors should be, this is a key thing to understand.
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