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Here are a list of a few games I keep in my back pocket when youth group ends too early and I need to occupy 5 or 10 minutes. All of these games require little to no setup and are a constant favorite with the teens. Because of this, none of these free games are ever formally added to the curriculum we use to not over play them and keep these games fresh and exciting.

Mad Gabs

This fun family game is a perfect youth ministry game in a box. It might be suggested tat you have your volunteers or self do a couple of the first ones so that students know it is okay to laugh when the person cannot guess it, but quickly students will step up to play.


Start by instructing the entire group to stand in the center of the room. Tell them to move around at random, provide music. Call out a category for students to clump together (suggestions below). Everyone should then scramble to form “clumps” of likeness. When the clump is formed, sit on the floor. After all clumps have been formed, ask everyone to stand and mingle again.
Suggested Categories: Color of hair, favorite class, grade in school, favorite sport, age, branch of the military, school you attend, favorite music artist, type of footwear, color of eyes

Ultimate Simon Says

This is similar to Simon Says, but we do trickery. PLEASE LET THEM KNOW UP FRONT that it is possible that no one wins. Here are a list of good Simon Says ideas, but be safe and fun (don’t have them spin endlessly or do too many push-ups):

  • Run in place
  • Jump on one leg
  • Rub your belly and pat your head
  • High five your neighbor
  • Snort like a pig
  • Stand on one leg

Here are some ways to get them to lose:

  • If several people get out at one time, have the group scoot in. If they do so, they are out. (No Simon Says!)
  • Do a series of “Left/Right hand up/down” and imitate what they are supposed to do. After a few, tell them to raise a hand, but put up the wrong one. If they follow your example and not the command, they are out.
  • Speed Round: They must do the action quickly, meaning you have to watch all and still have the next thing for them to do. If they take too long to do something or do it wrong, they are out.
  • If someone “wins,” before you tell them they are the winner, offer them a high-five for doing so well. If they high five you, they loose


Have the students find a partner and stand 2-3 feet apart. Have them hold up their hands and try to slap hands to knock the other person off balance; they can only touch hands. The first person to move their feet loses. Once a person loses, they must sit down while the winners continue playing. The last person out is the winner.

Gargle Guess

Before this game starts, have all of the songs below on this sheet of paper. Tell the students that two of them from each team with the best singing voice to come forward. The next person up will draw one of the slips of paper and will have to have a Dixie cup full of water in their mouth. Then they will sing the song on the paper and their team guesses. If another team says it, they active team still get the points. Make sure the other teams are not distracting, or they could lose points. 2,500 for each one right within 30 seconds. (For the second round, it might be good to have an iPod with headphones to play the song for them to know how to sing it)

  • Mary Had A Little Lamb
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Justin Bieber – Baby
  • Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are
  • Rebecca Black – Friday

Do you have any go to games that are not part of the script? How does it go?

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nickfarr at 4:13 pm

Thanks for the ideas man!

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 Welcome! Did you play any of them yet?

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Thanks for the ideas man!

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Using Knockdown tonight!


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