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in General on February 14, 2012

definition of youth ministry
We were caught off guard last week when we started receiving traffic from wikipedia. I mean it’s never much, a handful a day maybe. But we were surprised to see that we had been added to the list of “Recommended Reading” and “Other Links” on a few pages on wikipedia dealing with Youth Ministry.
But if you click on that link and visit the “Youth Ministry (Evangelical)” page of wikipedia, it has two big Warnings on the top, mainly stating that the page relies to much on content from other sites and is written like an advertisement (which I think may be because most of the article deals with Doug Fields opposed to Youth Ministry. I love Doug Fields, and love that literally, if you wikipedia Youth Ministry, he’s the definition) but it also states that the article doesn’t include all significant standpoints.
So last week, I read it, and was really caught off guard by the two main sections that don’t deal with Doug Fields, the Basics of Youth Ministry and the Goals of Youth Ministry. I think these two definitions sound way to simplistic, and really, if I really study these two sections, I’m not sure I agree with the Basics or the Goals of Youth Ministry, and don’t feel these should encapsulate ALL of Evangelical Youth Ministry.
So I got an idea, what if we, collectively, re-wrote this article. Not even necessarily re-write, but I think it would be awesome to add to and complete this article.
What would you add? How would you define the “Basics of Youth Ministry” or say are the “Goals of Evangelical Youth Ministry?”
Leave it in the comments, and then add it to the wikipedia page.

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