Today’s #youthmin #youthchat

Hope you can Join us for today’s #youthmin #youthchat as we discuss Discipleship in Youth Ministry.

As an added bonus, one lucky person who participates today will win a $25 gift card to Amazon.

Heres a list of where topics we will use to help guide the discussion, and you can follow along in the box below or on any twitter site you choose, just search the #hashtag #youthmin.

Q1 –  What do you think Youth Ministry will look like in 15 years?

Q2 – What does the discipleship process look like in your ministry?

Q3 –  What has changed about how Youth Ministry defines discipleship in the last 20 years?

Q4 – What does Youth Ministry (in General) need more of when it comes to Discipleship?

Q5 – In your Ministry, what is going great in the Discipleship of your students?

Q6 – If you had endless resources (budget, volunteers, building, etc) how would that change your discipleship of youth?

Q7 – What is your end goal when a student graduates your youth ministry?


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