Round Up – January 20th

Student Ministry

Youth Ministry Blogs



What Game are you playing with your Leadership by Ben Read

Book Review of David Kinnamen’s ‘You Lost Me’ by Ben Kerns

5 Essentials in Ministry: Loving Relationships by Jeremy Smith

Cool Idea for a Prayer Room 

God’s Great Expectations of Youth Pastors by Ben Read

Investing more than Time into Volunteers by Jeremy Smith

The Devil’s Music by Austin J. Walker

Youth Ministry



Student Ministry How-to

Plan your procrastination by Jonathan Malm

Track your Receipts/Expenses using Evernote by Ken Mcyntire

This is what has made me pretty famous by Terrace Crawford

You don’t get to “choose” your calling by Michael Bayne

Are you demanding or commanding respect as a leader by Rachel Blom

You can do Anything! by Ben Kerns

Our Spring Calendar by Ben Read

The Big Red Tractor by Jeremy Mavis

Prayer of Salvation with Teens by Austin J. Walker

Struggling with Youth Ministry buy-in by Andy Blanks

Jesus for Religion by Josh Fuentes

Youth Pastors are Hero’s by Tim Schraeder


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