Great Youth Ministry Games: Outside Games

The golden rule for youth ministry with high school and middle school students is to be able to have high energy games that typically require going outside or being in a big gym. Some of them make a huge mess while others get students running around and interacting with youth workers and other students. Here are 5 free outside games that are guaranteed to create memories and provide opportunities to build deeper relationships with your students.

Mountain Dew Toss

Pair everyone up and give each of them a mountain dew. Each pair stands a foot apart. On go, everyone begins tossing the can back and forth. After each catch, the person who caught it takes one step back. The first team to successfully make 10 tosses must then drink the mountain dew. First person to finish their can is the winner.

Blob Relay

Move the group somewhere that is big enough to move around and is okay to fall (i.e. outside in grass). Have the students line up together holding hands and then “roll them up” so that the whole group is one massive blob. The objective for the whole group is to go from one side of the area to the other, turn around, and come back. Make it a competition after doing it once by breaking the group up into two or three blobs and race.

Banana Split

Ask for three volunteers and three students. Have the students stand on a chair and the volunteer lay on the ground below with their head next to chair. (You may want to have trash bags cut up and put over the volunteers’ clothing as well as goggles for the eyes. On go, the student must drop the ingredients into their team members mouth, in order: one small spoon full of three different flavors of ice cream, banana slices, chocolate syrup, whip cream in a can, and a cherry. The first team to get the cherry in their partners mouth wins.

Frozen T-Shirt Contest

For each team, you need a frozen t-shirt. Get enough shirts soaking wet, ball them up and put them in a freezer. Break teams up into about 6-8 students per group, then give one of the frozen shirt to each team, and it’s the first team to have a team member put on the t-shirt. Let them be creative in the way they thaw it out. The team to come back with someone wearing the t-shirt is the winner

Chain Tag

Pick 1-3 people to be “It.” They run by themselves trying to tag people. Once a person gets tagged, they become “It” with the person that tagged them, but they must link onto that person by holding hands or linking arms. The “It” will become several chains until they are chasing one person; that person is the winner.

Do you have any must-do outside games with your youth group? If so, how do you play?


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