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Recently, I got to ask Terrace Crawford some questions about his Coaching Network. The bad news is that the deadline to register for this semester of Coaching ends tomorrow, Friday the 13th. But this is definitely something youth pastors should take note of if they are interested for future rounds. Below is the interview with Terrace.

[] Tell us a bit about Yourself and the Youth Ministry you lead, how long have you been in Ministry and at your current church? 

[Terrace] I have been ministering to youth for over 17 years now (that’s staggering to me when I think about it).  I have been    ministering at a local church for 3 years now. I absolutely love working with students and love seeing them “get it.”  We have a great time and I love being their coach and mentor in ministry.

[YM] You blog a lot and are involved with a number of other ministries online. How much time would you say you spend each week between blogging and What is some advice you would have for others balancing a blog and a ministry?
[Terrace] It’s a bit easier for me to manage things because I only serve in a part-time role at my current church (even though there’s no such thing as a part-time youth worker  ), which allows me to be involved in a host of other projects (writing, editor for, speaking, etc).

In any capacity in ministry you still have to manage or balance your time between your responsibilities.  For me, I have specific hours of the day I focus on certain projects. Working hard (but smart) is key. I would encourage youth workers to learn what works for them, work hard at it, and try to be smart in your work too (find out what resources are available to help you)

[YM] What led you to create the coaching network?
[Terrace] I feel like God has been nudging me to Coach youth workers for a few years now but I never did it. I’ve seen a great need in the world of youth ministry for people who are just starting out to have someone to help guide them in building youth ministries from scratch. Over the course of the last year a couple of close friends asked me why in the world I wasn’t coaching.EJ Swanson is one of those people who talked with me about this. After our last talk I spent 3 weeks in focused prayer about it and knew that I should follow-through.  So early last year I founded the Youth Worker Coaching Network, designed for youth workers who have been in the field 5 years or less.

[YM]Whats something about the coaching network that you have enjoyed the most?
[Terrace] Being 17+ years deep in youth ministry, you forget about what things were like in your first few years. It’s been wonderful to be able to help rookie youth workers walk through the challenges of just starting out and to help dream with them and inspire them in their journey.

[YM] What has feedback from past participants shown to be their favorite part of the experience?

[Terrace] This video was made as a sort of promo for the Coaching network, and the testimonials from the participants really capture their feedback. I’d encourage those interested to check out the video.


[YM] Any other info on the coaching network? How long does it run? When are applications for the next round due? Is there any sort of cost involved?
[Terrace] I recently wrote a post that really outlines a lot of the nitty gritty details of the coaching network, and it can be found on my blog here.  The short of it is that The coaching network runs 6-months and applications are due by THIS Friday, January 13th.  10 people will be accepted into the program, and There is a cost of $100/monthly  to participate.

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