Youth Worker Highlight – Robert Capps

in General on December 7, 2011

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My name is Robert (Bert) Capps and I am the Minister to children and studentsat NewCanaanBaptist Church in Dallas, Ga. I have been in student ministry going on three years,while being at New Canaan since July.

A Bonsai tree, water bottle, computer, Florida Gators lamp and last but most certainly not least my ESV study Bible.

Generation IY from Tim Elmore, I believe this book is a must read for anyone who works with students. I have a lot of faith in this generation and this book showed me that beliefs are not unfounded. It does talk a lot about the problems this generation has but all the while talking about the upside they have. Many people have written the students of today off and I will not do that. They are looking for something that is different; they do not want to know the inactive overseeing god their parents went two times out of the year to church for. They want to know the God that loves them so much that He gave His Son for their sins, they want to know the Lord that will be living and active in their life all the while using them to make an impact on other student’s.

A revival is a personal thing that is very contagious, and all it has to do is for it to get started in one person. Therefore I see a revival as being a revolution and it starts with one single act of defiance against the norm. The Bible proves just that with Ezekiel and the “valley of the dry bones,” he had to be obedient to God but defiant against the norm. Think about it God told him to speak to a bunch of dead people and tell them they will live. Once he did what God told him to do revival broke out.

To be honest most youth ministries of today are just like the church in Thyatira in Revelation. People are more concerned about tickling the ears of students and telling them what they think youth of today want to hear. Most student ministries are only presenting things to get them in and never do anything to change their life. They are only impressing students but never impacting their lives. Students of today are going to see right through this trickery and I just hope they will still be hungry to know Jesus. We just need to understand that as student ministers we are not called to be relevant but real.

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