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WHEW! That was a crazy few weeks. First and foremost, thank you to everyone who came out and voted. Between all of the rounds, over 7,000 votes were cast! For a site that isn’t even a month old yet, this is HUGE. So honestly, thank you.
There was a lot of controversy the last few hours of the final Round. Our huge congratulations to Adam Walker Cleveland on the birth of his son today, in all of this, he walks away prouder than any of our other contestants. We can understand that took him away from getting out the call to more votes.
But when it all came down to it, Ben Kerns walks away with the most votes,  1,176 in the final round and a total of 1,651 through out the contest.
Jeffrey Kammerer came in Second place with 1,163 votes logged in the last round and a total of 1,570 throughout the contest.
Adam Walker Cleveland came in Third with 939 votes the last round and a total of 1,444 votes.
And Ryan Millard came in Fourth with 246 votes the final round and a total of 691 votes.
So what did Ben win?
Ben won himself a year of free hosting from Ainsworth Hosting (worth $160), an Exclusive offer for the Orange Conference 2012 (worth $150), a collection of Youth Ministry Related Books from our Super Awesome Book Stash (worth $250+) an iTunes card (worth $50) and a Starbucks Card (worth $25).
We hope you have enjoyed this as much as we have. All in all, the 32 posts that started out are some of the best posts out there from some of the best bloggers. We’ve loved how many people have favorited the tweet mentioning the list, because it truly is a remarkable resource of learning.
Thanks again for taking part, and see you in 2012!
At the end of the day, we scanned all IP Addresses that logged a vote in the contest, and we removed any that were perfect matches with another IP Address. There were plenty of similar ones, but only a handful of concrete, definite, multiple votes, and these were removed from the contestant they had been cast for.
If you have any further questions about the contest, please feel free to email us.

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starla ackley at 11:11 am

Woohoo…congrats to the final 4 and to Ben. :0)

starla ackley at 11:11 am

Woohoo…congrats to the final 4 and to Ben. :0)


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