Ten Most Wanted Men

in General on December 18, 2011by Ben_Read

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I’m of the opinion that the devil has a list of the “Ten Most Wanted Men.” There are men he fears. Would you like to be one of them?
Oh, to pray so as to be known in hell!
Oh, to pray so that demons have to quit their prey!
Oh, to cause pandemonium in perdition when we intercede!
Oh, to liberate the captives when we make intercessions with tears!
Oh, to push the devil around instead of him pushing the Church around!
Oh, to know the groanings that cannot be uttered! Some say that this is praying in tongues – not so in my reckoning. If the groanings cannot be uttered audibly by the Spirit, I am sure they cannot be uttered by me! Hannah prayed, “but her voice was no heard” (1 Sam. 1:13).
– Leonard Ravenhill

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