Questions for Tomorrow’s #youthmin #youthchat

It’s that time again, Time for another #youthchat

Simply Youth Ministry has been kind enough to sponsor our conversation tomorrow, which means that they have given us some sweet resources to bestow on some lucky participants, making their 10 days of Freebies even sweeter for us.

Tomorrow, we will be talking specifically about Middle School Ministry as well as Goals for Next year in our Ministries.

We hope that even if you work exclusively with Sr. High Students, you will still join us, because lets be real, the better the Middle School Ministry, the better the Sr. High Ministry.

So here is the list of questions for tomorrow, so do your homework!

Q1 – What are your favorite games for Middle School Ministry?

Q2 – What are some realistic spiritual expectations for Middle School Students?

Q3 – What sort of contact work do you do with Middle School Students?

Q4 – How do you find programmatic balance to satisfy 8th grade girls and 6th grade boys?

Q5a – How do you transition kids into MSM?

Q5b – How do you transition kids out of MSM?

Q6 – What was one HUGE Success for your ministry in 2011?

Q7 – What was on giant Failure in 2011?

Q8 – What are you looking forward to most in 2012?

Q9 – What should Youth Ministry leave in 2011?

Q10 – Whats one goal you have for 2012?


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