I have heard students ask; "was God created?"

in General on December 8, 2011

Where did God come from?
Genesis 1:1, Psalm 90:2, 93:2, John 1:1-4
It is hard to comprehend God with our finite minds.
Let us take a look at time, we understand time as being linear, one second comes after another and one minute follows another minute. We also know this because we get older and not younger. Science tells us that time is a result of matter, and time only exists when matter exists. But God is not matter He created it, so therefore time began when God created the universe. And before that time God existed and time had no meaning.
Is it possible for God to exist without the universe, or is it possible for the universe to exist without God?
The universe had to be created by something that was not apart of it. And that would be God.
Does God rely on anything for existence? Does God have the power to create something from nothing? Does God have the will to do something or not to do something? Does God have characteristic’s of existing outside of creation? NO, YES, YES, YES.
There must be first a cause to explain why any cause exists. And the first cause must be a self existing cause. A being that does not rely on anything for existence, and this self existing, non-contingent being is called God.
Everything that was ever created or exists owes its existence to something else except for God, because He exists without anything but everything exists because of Him.
Take a look at morality: morals are not opinions, they are not personal, private decisions and they are not prescriptions for a behavior. They contain a sense of obligation and ought fullness that is universal, authoritative, and outweighs considerations of culture, time, and place. That means something unlike us had to impart it onto us.

HE IS GOD, WITH NO BEGINNING AND NO END. And He loves you and me.

Is He not amazing? I am so glad I am in the palm of His hand and He is with me wherever I go.
“For God so love the world that He gave His son that whoever would believe in Him would not die but have eternal life.” John 3:16

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