Freebie: Business Card Template developed these cards for handing out to all the cool kids in youth group! Make them for yourself or for the youth group website. What? You don’t have a youth group website? Well, fear not, we are working to setup a package for a small fee that will give your youth group an amazing website that will be easy for you to edit.

In the meantime, you can use these cards to hand out to young men and women that you meet while at school events or parents that you meet while endlessly walking the aisles of Target. Plus, it just feels cool to have your own business cards. They are easy to edit if you have access to photoshop and all the fonts are included – (they are free and allowed to be included via Creative Commons). Have fun with these and let us know if you use them.

Also, Josh Read – one of the founders of – has run a graphic design and web development company for over 6 years. The printer he has always used is giving us a discount on printing so, if you want to use this design, click here and save up to 60% off professional printing.

Click Here to Download the Zip file


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