Free App for your Ministry

There is a lot of talk of Apps in Youth Ministry, what apps you use, what apps you have seen used, etc. Apps are everywhere, and they are amazing tools in the hands of Youth Pastors.

But wouldn’t it be cool if your Ministry had its own App? The Folks at ROAR sure think so, and this Christmas, they are blessing 1,000 churches with free apps for their ministry.

As Youth Pastors, we know first hand how much students are on their phones and iPods, we don’t need to see any stats about it. So we know students, specifically, would use apps. But ROAR offers a crazy amount of awesome features in their apps, and they design them for the best. You can see a list of some of their clients on their website and check out some of their apps, and for more info on this amazing, one time only deal, head over to the sign-up page on ROAR.

EXTRA BONUS: Matt Mckee is giving away a copy of his super sweet e-book on Social Media in Churches to everyone who signs up for a free app.


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