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in Free on December 15, 2011by Ben_Read

Maybe I’m sick…maybe I’m not normal (granted, it wouldn’t be the only area), but I CRAVE feedback from others.  It may be generational, it may be my Servants By Design profile (personality test used by our church) but I love getting feedback from my overseers, or people under me……when it’s positive.
If we start talking about negative feedback?  That’s a totally different story.
I’m in my first year of full-time, vocational student ministry, I’m trying to grow in this area.  Recently, I sent out a link (here) to my small group leaders asking for some feedback on a few areas of our ministry.  It’s free, simple to set up, and easy to personalize.  And bone-chillingly insightful.
I’ve gotten about 20% of my leaders to respond.  I think there’s a new level of honesty that comes with saying, “Hey, give me the pro’s, give me the cons.  What do you see from your perspective?  Also…I’ll never know your name unless you tell me.”
Evidently, I have plenty more room for growth than I had originally realized.  Some of the input, like anything else, will go to the trash, but most of it I’ll take in, chew on, and see what happens.  I’ll probably sit down with a couple of my mentors and bring a printout of “highlights” if you will, and say, “Hey…how do I handle this?”
How about you?  Have you ever asked for anonymous feedback from your leaders?   How did it go?

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