Evaluation Please?

Evaluation is always a fun topic to discuss, because how you (as a youth pastor) evaluate your youth ministry will more than likely be different then how the leadership in your church evaluate your youth ministry.

On Wednesday night of this past week, we talked about the Prophet Isaiah, and I asked the question what does the word “Prophet” mean? After an awkward silence, I told them it meant, “Messenger of God”.  During Sunday School the following Sunday, the teacher began to talk about Isaiah (I had no idea what he was teaching on for this Sunday). He too asked the same question. Except this time there wasn’t an awkward silence, two or three youth spoke up and said, “Prophet means, Messenger of God.” I just about jumped out of my seat.

The days after a bible study tell a lot about your ministry and how you are doing.  When I hear at least one person repeat something from the previous meeting time, I feel like I have accomplished something. This is one way that I evaluate my ministry.

I will also email or talk to adults who helped on an event and ask them for the pros and cons of the event. I feel by doing this, the adults have a say in what is going on, and I am also able to tell what they expect the next time we do an event.

I feel like evaluating your ministry is crucial to you having success at where you are. If we wait too long to evaluate our ministries it may be to late.

With that being said, I’d encourage you to spend some time in the down time of the Christmas season Evaluating your ministry. Merry Christmas , and Happy Evaluating


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