How we evaluate our ministry

in General on December 15, 2011

Since being at this church, I have hammered into the students that the identitiy of their group is not found in me as their Student Minister, but them as the Student Ministry. God has placed all of us where we are, and our personal identities are all found in Him. The spirit is continually evaluating us and He is in constant corespondance with the Father, reminding us on a regular basis of the areas we need to improve in our lives.
I began thinking we can do this same type of evaluation within our own student ministry. Our student ministry department has a student leadership team that consists of high school students who have influence in the lives of the students. We meet with our team at least once a month to discuss the student ministry.  We have an open discussion with honest evaluation and each one of the members takes their responsibility seriously.  As the Student Minister, I in turn take their ideas, hopes, concerns, and even constructive criticism to evaluate our ministry.

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