Keeping watch

in General on December 11, 2011

Youth Ministry Discipleship
As we all know disasters happen everyday and countless lives are affected by them. A small town and church in Tuscaloosa, AL experienced a life altering disaster this year when tornado’s came roaring through. This cross stands atop the roof of FLBC where the steeple used to stand, as you can see the destruction has been devastating to this small community. While this church has had its own devastations because of the storm, they are still trying to be a beacon hope into the community.On January 14-15 they are having a weekend focused on prayer, and I believe this is where you and I come in. This may not be something we can make it to but it is something we can do with them.

Youth Ministry Discipleship

I believe it is our duty to pray with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Many of us know people who are going through tough times like these people, but are we “walking beside them.” I have been guilty of giving lip service to people and telling them that I will pray for them in which I never did. So I believe as we are going through this holiest of seasons we need to be “standing in the gap for someone.” In Matt. 26:40 Jesus asked this of the three in His inner circle, “And He came to the disciples and found them sleeping. And He said to Peter, ‘so could you not watch with me for one hour?'” I think this is a challenge to us also, we need to be keeping watch with someone for one hour.
Who is the Lord laying on your heart right now? Take up the challenge, take a moment and pray for them. Ask the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you to guide your prayers. Pray until you feel released.

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