Heart Cry of a Revivalist

in General on December 11, 2011

Revival in Youth Ministry
Photo courtesy of Jermonic

Lord, I tearfully ask:
Teach me to pray with groanings so that there are earthquakes in hell.
Teach me the groanings of the Spirit until angels stand in awe.
Teach me Spirit-born intercession that changes history.
Teach me the birth pangs of the Holy Ghost until hell-shaking revival is born.
Lead me into travail that will hold back divine judgment from the nations for a little season.
Let me be a living sacrifice on the altar of prayer, “bleeding to bless,” until flood tides of mercy sweep the nations.
Lord, break my heart in intercession until my eyes, like those of Jeremiah, are a fountain of tears weeping for the slain of an educated, but spiritually dead, people.
– Leonard Ravenhill

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