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What I pray before I speak to students

Every Wednesday Night before the students show up, right after I print out the final draft of my message, I pray this prayer. Maybe not word for word, but this same idea every time.



Thank You for the opportunity to speak to these students that You have given to this ministry.

I am not worthy of speaking Your truth into these kids’ lives, yet You make me worthy through Your grace and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank You for the time and the resources You have allowed me to have to prepare this message.

Forgive me for anything I may have overlooked in my message.

Forgive me for the times this week that I could have been studying more but instead I was scrolling though Facebook & Twitter or justified a lack of preparation to something that came up this week.

Forgive me when I rushed through my analogies or come up with stuff on the spot that may or may not work well with the message.

Purge any arrogance in my heart. Remind me that the only reason I am behind that pulpit tonight is because You have placed me there. Lord, remind me that it is not about:

  • me,
  • how many students laugh at my jokes,
  • if students think I am relevant,
  • if I’m looking fresh tonight,
  • or if the color scheme for my PowerPoint presentation is really good.

Remind me that the main reason I am up there is to point them back to You; to make much of Your name and to lead them to be disciples and make disciples for You.

Lord, help me not to find my value in the attendance number or returning visitors, but to find value in being faithful to Your calling in my life.

Be glorified tonight! I pray that You will do a work in the students’ hearts and that You speak through me.

In Your Son’s great name,


  1. Good stuff Frank! I remember when I was a student, my Youth Pastor made a team that rotated so that every week there were 3 students and 1 leader that would go to his office during Youth Services and just pray the entire time. I’d love to get to that point in our ministry, because I know right now we dont pray nearly enough.

  2. Joshua Fuentes

    Love it Frank!. I send a weekly teaching tip to my Sunday school teachers, and I linked this post to the email to help my teachers develop the habit of praying, before and after, they prepare and teach their lesson.

  3. Well done, sir! Totally sending this to my leaders as well! Great perspective to take on praying for the message. So easy to pray for “great impact”, or “super-awesomeness” rather than for humility in delivering His message instead of yours. May we all take this prayer to heart before each message given.

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