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My Context with Greg Jones from Greenwood, Indiana

December 4, 2017    
Keith Parker    
My Context

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be highlighting some student ministers and what makes their student ministries unique.  We’ve asked some folks from our community to share something that is unique to their ministry.  It may be a culture, an event, a fundraiser, or even a lesson series.  Check out this series of posts for some inspiration.   Hello, my name is Greg Jones and I am the…    read more 

Make Thanksgiving Great Again!

October 25, 2016    

No debate about it. This year’s Thanksgiving is gonna be huge and YouthMin is going to help you get there. So check out these resources and let’s make Thanksgiving great again! Thanksgiving Small Group Lesson One of the most powerful things that you as the youth pastor can do is to engage what is currently happening in the student’s world and connect it with the Gospel. This lesson attempts to bridge the…    read more 

Make Countdowns Better

Countdowns are great tools to have in any ministry. They offer a definitive transition for students, and it lets our entire ministry know that SERVICE IS STARTING SOON!  We’ve done all sorts of countdowns; we’ve done your standard clock on a motion back countdown, we’ve done the fun-fact countdowns, and we’ve done montage countdowns with youtube footage of people either doing something awesome or failing miserably. We’ve done it all. Countdowns get…    read more 

Having Fun in Youth Ministry (Guest Post from Jason Walters)

October 13, 2015    
Keith Parker    
Having Fun Student Ministry

Thankful to Jason Walters for this guest post.  If you’re interested in writing a guest post for, contact us at “One of the most effective ways to stay connected to your kids is to have fun with them.” – Reggie Joiner It seems like a debate as old as time.  “How much fun are we allowed to have in student ministry before we lose the importance of why we are…    read more 

Creative Summer Discipleship Ideas by Tyson Herald

June 3, 2015    
Tyson Herald    
youth ministry summer discipleship

I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love the warmth, students being out school, vacations, summer trips, camps and numerous ​opportunities to be with students I love more than usual. I hate the fact that it’s so short and goes by so fast. After years in ministry though I’m thoroughly convinced of one thing about the summer​: The work you put into building relationships during the summer earns you the right…    read more 

Youth Ministry is not the same as Youth Group

Almost 6 months ago, I got to inherit a great group of students by taking a new role. Our Youth Group has plenty of students that come every week, is filled with students passionate about growing in their relationship with God, and contains a large portion of students whose parents don’t go to church, meaning there is plenty of potential. But this group of students is just one of a few groups…    read more 

Songs to play before Youth Group

March 9, 2015    
Ben Read    

One of the most frequent questions we get in the YouthMin Facebook community has to do with music to play before and after Youth Group services. Here are 10 songs by Christian artists we are playing before and after our services that your group would love, too. We chose these songs because they cover a variety of musical tastes and help introduce your students to great new bands to add to their repertoire….    read more 

Poll Question 1: How large is your youth group?

March 19, 2014    
Keith Parker    

As one of the contributors to, I know that the heartbeat of this ministry is to encourage, challenge, and equip Youth Ministers and leaders to do more effective ministry.  We believe that Youth Ministry is the “front line” of the battle, and we value you and your ministry.  We want to make sure that we are providing meaningful, helpful, and insightful articles and resources to speak into your ministry in your…    read more 

Youth Ministry Game – Schism

March 12, 2014    
Frank Gil    

Schism is a great Youth Ministry game for groups of at least 8. What is awesome about it is that even the students who prefer to just sit to the side and not participate in active games can have fun with this game, because its not as much about athletic ability as it is about team work. Schism is typically played on a volleyball court with a normal volleyball net and boundaries,…    read more