Why you shouldn’t finish your sermon in Youth Ministry

If you’re like me, when you prepare a lesson for youth group, Sunday School, small group, or any other of your youth meetings, you like to have it be as clear and understandable as possible. We never want our students to go home more confused than when they arrived – that would just make us look bad! After all, we’re the person (paid or unpaid) the church is relying on to help…    read more 

Teaching to Everyone in the Room

June 10, 2014    
Ben Read    

After reading an article by Thom Schultz called Why Church Doesn’t Fit Most People, which was a pretty good read, I decided to write an entry about one of the statistics he used. Thom states that research suggests that only 30% or less of people are Auditory learners, meaning that they way they learn is primarily through listening. As a former education major, I had to learn a lot about all sorts…    read more 

Why I write my own Youth Ministry Curriculum

March 3, 2014    
Ben Read    

We’ve been going through a bit of transition with the last two months as some of the most active contributors have moved to new ministries, had babies, etc. etc. But we’ve also been going through a time of reflecting on what we hope this site does, why it continues to exist, and one of the things we’ve tried to do is figure out our main foundational purposes, things we believe to…    read more 

Changing the Standard of Youth Ministry

February 24, 2014    

One of the things that drives the site managers and contributors at YouthMin.Org is the idea that the standard of ministry that many youth workers hold to needs to change.  And we know we are not alone: There are countless articles out there talking about nixing youth ministry as a whole; their arguments include but are not limited to: youth ministry isn’t fitting the needs of our culture anymore, it isn’t growing…    read more 

Five Things To Think About When You Preach a Terrible Message

January 10, 2014    
Frank Gil    

We have all been there. You walk off the platform and you just want to get under a rock and pray that everyone will just forget about what you said. You feel embarrassed, stressed, and you hope your Senior Pastor doesn’t hear about it because you think you might get fired if he heard it. No matter what your wife or anyone says, you feel terrible and you just want next week…    read more 

My least favorite phrase in Youth Ministry

November 26, 2013    
Ben Read    

“I just teach the students what I am learning in my quiet times.” That statement really bothers me, for a number of reasons. I don’t think any Youth Pastor would argue that reading your Bible for sermon prep is good enough for spiritual health, and I don’t believe any Youth Pastor would openly admit to that in the first place. But why this statement bothers me is because it robs your students…    read more 

The Gospel and Youth Ministry | Part 4

October 22, 2013    

Here’s a rundown of where we’ve been so far! Part 1 – The Gap In My Ministry.  This post looks at how our students respond to questions and how this exposes their grasp (or lack thereof) of the Gospel. Part 2 – Why The Gospel?  In part 2, we look at two reasons we as humanity need the Gospel.  We seem to be all about the Gospel in today’s church, but why…    read more 

Guest Post: Youth Ministry Message Delivery

August 8, 2013    
Ben Read    

Anyone who has spoken in front of a group of adolescents knows how daunting the task can be, even if you have a passion and heart for working with teens. Since they are literally between childhood and adulthood, they are a unique kind of audience or congregation to work with. In addition, many of the teens we are trying to reach are at least passively ignoring of our Gospel message, or at…    read more 

Guest Post: The Power of a Story

August 5, 2013    
Ben Read    

A few weeks ago, a volunteer and I were having coffee with a student who had recently started coming to the High School ministry I lead over… I knew there was something different about this girl before we met–something I knew was the case when I saw that she had shaved half of the hair on her head off. I was intrigued… who wouldn’t be? That isn’t something you usually see someone…    read more