5 Resources to grow as a Student Pastor

May 15, 2015    
Ben Read    
student ministry leadership books

I had to change the title because initially it was “5 Resources to grow as a Student Ministry Leader” which can be a bit confusing. When I speak of Leaders in Student Ministry I often mean one of two very different things. In person, I am usually talking about the incredible adults connected with our church who are giving of their time, energy, and sometimes even money, to partner with our student…    read more 

Youth Pastors and Self Promotion

How many times have I unfollowed someone on Twitter because they link to their blog every hour? How many times have I rolled my eyes in a Facebook group for youth pastors because I ask a question, and instead of interaction I get linked to a blog? How many times have I had a conversation with a youth pastor, and all they can talk about is their accomplishments? It’s annoying, guys.  But…    read more 

Recognizing Seniors in Student Ministry and the Church

May 20, 2013    
Frank Gil    

I just started at my current church in the beginning of April, so the seniors here haven’t “grown up” under my ministry. Unfortunately, these seniors hadn’t had a youth pastor for most of their senior year, and I felt bad for them. So to make sure their senior year could end as great as possible, even with the circumstances, I did the following: When I got here I made sure to reach…    read more 

Open Letter to Volunteers

May 10, 2013    
Frank Gil    

Dear Volunteer, If you are reading this, it does not mean that you are in trouble; nor does it mean the youth pastor who sent you this to you is upset with you. This is a list of things on their heart that they may just want to reiterate; or perhaps they have never talked over any of this with you. I am sure that you are the perfect volunteer and that…    read more 

Summertime Blues

Summer is right around the corner, and it is approaching quickly! I love being a part of camps, mission trips, and random outings that can only take place during the summer break. The preparation that is put into summer is all paid off when we get to see God move in our students’ lives. Summer truly is an exciting time for youth ministries! Yet, there is a problem. I’m having a hard time…    read more 

5 Reasons Your Ministry Needs Women Leaders

Your youth ministry needs women leaders.  Before we start arguing the theology of women in ministry, I want you to hear me out:  The purpose of this post is not to advocate for ordained women, or women pastors, or to argue the Pauline view of women. The purpose of this post is to convince you why you need more women in roles of discipleship, worship, and (yes) teaching.  We need to have…    read more 

On Our Knees

April 29, 2013    

One of my old volunteers was in town for a doctors appointment.  He’s one of my favorite people on the planet, and always a huge encouragement.  A few months down the road, he will take his entire family across the ocean to help start an online degree program to train pastors in a post-Christian culture.  Did I want fajitas with this guy?  Enough to pay for both of us. An hour later,…    read more 

Part-Time Youth Pastor, Full-Time Hero: How To Stay Spiritually Healthy When There's No Food Around

As a minister, one of our main priorities is to stay spiritually healthy. For a youth pastor, we get an extra benefit in this department because we get the ability to participate in our morning worship. We don’t have major responsibilities, so we can soak in the message our pastors present to us. With that said, I know this doesn’t always happen, especially for those who work in small churches. If your church…    read more 

Part-Time Youth Pastor, Full-Time Hero: The Dirty Truth No One Will Tell You

March 27, 2013    
Josh Fuentes    

When I was a bi-vocational youth pastor, growth was a huge issue. There would be times I would have students show up but never stay. My students could get some of their friends that didn’t go to church to go to camp, yet they still didn’t stick around. In fact, during my time as a bi-vocational youth pastor, I lost more students than I ever gained. It was a depressing time which…    read more 

Partnering with Schools: Why Coaching is Awesome!

March 11, 2013    
Keith Parker    

In June of 2001, my wife and I moved into an apartment in Plainfield, Indiana, eager and ready to begin our ministry at Hazelwood Christian Church. By August, just two months later, I was on a tennis court with the Fighting Quakers (no, that’s not a typo), serving as a volunteer assistant coach for the high school tennis team. After 5 years as a volunteer assistant, I was asked to come on…    read more 

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