We’re better together #OC18

December 11, 2017    
Ben Read    
youth ministry conference

I can’t believe it’s going to be 2018 soon, and writing that title with #OC18 was a bit surreal as I remember writing blog posts for #OC11, back when hashtags we’re a very different thing. The 2018 Orange Conference is coming up soon and there is no better time to sign up than right now. In fact, if you sign up by December 14, you can save $70 per person AND get…    read more 

Going to a Youth Ministry Conference alone

going to a youth ministry conference by yourself

I’m extremely blessed to be at a church that sets aside money every year for me to grow as a Youth Pastor, and what that often means for me is going to conferences. For the last few years, the Orange Conference has been a pillar in my yearly calendar. I have to be there and I want to be there. There’s a number of reasons why it’s such a go-to conference for me, but…    read more 

The best Youth Ministry Conference out there

October 6, 2014    
Ben Read    

They often say “leaders are readers,” but the underlying truth there is that leaders are learners. We all get that. That’s why conferences are, in my opinion, so crucial for leaders.  In the world of Youth Ministry, we have a number of options to choose from. In my time as a Youth Pastor, I’ve been to a lot of the major, national conferences and several of the smaller, regional ones.  I don’t…    read more 

The dilemma of going to a Youth Ministry Conference

April 22, 2013    
Ben Read    

Odds are, you aren’t on staff at a mega-church that puts on mega-conferences on a yearly basis. Odds are you aren’t on the speaking circuit, traveling from city to city speaking to other Youth Pastors on how they can improve their Youth Ministries. And odds are that you don’t go to conferences just for the free stuff, because you don’t need to learn anything in the sessions and workshops. Because of that,…    read more 

Review of #SYMC

March 7, 2013    

The Simply Youth Ministry Conference was fantastic. I know I said that I would blog every second of it, but I was completely naive of the mixture of exhaustion and rejuvenation I would be experiencing. There were so many things that rocked my world this weekend, and I’m excited to share them with you. “Pros” There was so much community with SYMC. I got to meet some really fantastic people whose blogs…    read more 

SYMC Day 1 Recap

March 3, 2013    

Today was the opening night of the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.  My mind is stinking blown, and I feel like one blog post won’t handle it all.  There are so many ideas that are floating around in my head, but I will just go ahead and do a quick recap! My Day of Networking I spent the day meeting people who I have spent three years stalking…er blog-reading.  I met people who…    read more 

Heather's going to #SYMC!

March 1, 2013    

I am going to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.  Tomorrow.  I just found out today.  Like two seconds ago. I really wanted to go, and for a while things seemed to be falling in place.  But then I had a few financial things come up, and couldn’t justify $400 for it. But then God did some pretty cool things: A fantastic woman told me that I could share her hotel room, for…    read more 

How to Choose a Summer Conference

January 15, 2013    
Keith Parker    

When it comes to summer conference options, there are probably more options for youth ministers than ever before in history. A simple Google search for “summer conferences for youth groups” will overwhelm you with options from Big Stuf, CIY Move and Mix, NYR, countless missions organizations, local camps, and tons more. Navigating all these options can be a daunting task, so I thought I’d share with you how I go about narrowing…    read more