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Getting inside the mind of a Middle School student

One of the keys to being an effective leader for junior high students is the willingness to journey back to your own junior high experiences. Some of them are exciting and some of them, like some of mine, are painful.

Our current students are really not that far off from where we were growing up.

It’s natural that the older we get, the less we remember about our youth; but it’s important for us to “revisit” the past… who we were, who we hung out with, and who we went to for advice. By stepping back in time, you can begin to remember your journey forward that made you into the person you are today.

Remembering what life was like for us helps us appreciate what life is like for today’s junior high student.

Take a look at these questions, be truthful to yourself, and answer in the comments. Together, let’s take a walk in their shoes and remember what it’s like.

I went to______________________Junior High School.
My favorite band was________________________.
My favorite outfit was_____________________________.
In junior high, my biggest fear was_______________________________.
My junior high crush was__________________________________.
I was involved in __________________________.
The thing that rocked my world the most in junior high was _____________________________________________________________.
My most painful experience was_________________________________.
I felt that God was _________________________________________.
I felt most met by God when_____________________________________.
When I grew up I wanted to be ______________________________.

If you have another question that could help you connect to your inner junior-higher, add that one in the comments as well!

Hi my name is Justin and this is my blog. I love Jr. High ministry and leadership so I talk about that a lot. I work at the church of my dreams getting to oversee all of Jr. High with a great team who are the best in the business. I'm married to the woman of my dreams, Brittany and we live in Southern California.

  • HeatherLeaCampbell

    I went to Ferguson Middle School.
    My favorite band was Avril Lavigne. Is that not a band? oops.
    My favorite outfit was bell-bottom jeans, a hoodie, and purple glitter eyeshadow
    In junior high, my biggest fear was not being accepted.
    My junior high crush was Peter Pulizzi… I was obsessed and he knew it.
    I was involved in softball and various after-school programs.
    The thing that rocked my world the most in junior high was a winter youth retreat.
    My most painful experience was all of junior high–being bullied and in return bullying others. also experiencing the separation of my parents.
    I felt that God was super-awesome, but I didn’t know who to apply that to my everyday life.
    I felt most met by God when he provided for my needs, regardless of the way that I was treating him.
    When I grew up I wanted to be a broadcast journalist. Or Oprah. :)

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  • Amanda Lidey

    I went to Preston county Jr. High School. My favorite band at that time was I listened to anything alternative, was popular then,or country. My favorite outfit was anything dressing like the girls on the Movie Clueless when it first came out, White blouses, plaid skirts, Knee highs and platforms. So popular. lol.My biggest fear was being at home actually around my family that argued. lol. My crush was Chris Johnson, he lived 2 houses down on the left and I would go to my best friend Fallon’s house and do gymnastics in her yard to show off. lol. I was involved in Softball which was my favorite and cheerleading. The thing memory that rocked my world in Jr. High was all the school dances. Had so much fun! My most painful experience in Jr. High I remember was having to move away from all my friends when my parents go their divorce. I cried for months. I felt God was there but didn’t know when or much about him. I felt most met by God the times I did go to Church. I liked it. When I grew up at that time I wanted to be either a Veterinarian or a Fashion Designer and still love Animals and Fashion to this Day! :)

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