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Making A Simple Logo

There are several things that you want to consider when making a logo for your ministry.

3 Simple tips:

1. You want your logo to actually brand your ministry and tell what you are about in some way. When someone looks at your logo they should get some sort of image in their head that is inviting, yet intriguing.

2. You want your logo to be simple and not too busy.

3. You want to be able to add your logo to as many different things as possible and not have to make changes to it every time.

Lets take a look at the logo below and dissect it.




This image has been used in the past for our small groups that we called “connect groups”. You will also notice our youth ministry logo at the bottom “the outlet”.

This image is simple and not busy, it can be transferred onto any shirt color easily, colors can be changed quickly if need be, and I can resize to be smaller or bigger without losing quality. You will also notice that we put focus on the connect part by connecting the two words. We also tied it in with our brand and logo by adding the outlet plug in the letter “C”.

Your logo does not have to be some crazy design, with things exploding everywhere etc.. The best logos usually are just text with a good font and something designed into it that connects it with the idea of what your ministry is trying to accomplish. For us that idea is that we are constantly trying to plug people into the word of God, and connect people with other believers that can help motivate and keep each other accountable while empowering each other to reach out to the surrounding community.

You can see that idea in both of our logos above. We have “the outlet” which is what you plug your power cable’s into, and you have to connect to it to get power. Our “Connect Groups” has the power plug designed into it, as well as connecting the two words. When you see both of these images we are hoping that the positive image that comes into your head is connection and power source.


Adobe Illustrator is a must for me. If you do not have access to Adobe Illustrator you will want to have some sort of program that will allow you to save in a .ai or .eps file. If you cannot do that, please make your image as large as possible so  that you can shrink it down without losing quality and have it big enough for shirts, posters, etc..

Adobe Photoshop is equally as valuable, and is the gold standard when it comes to design software. It’s also become more and more affordable, as you can subscribe to Photoshop Creative Cloud for only $10 a month!

For tutorials and learning new stuff check out Vector Tuts+, but for a more in-depth study of all things graphic and some great tools to add to your arsenal go to this link on Vector Tuts+.


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  1. Sweet. Well said. I’d love to see a few more examples of great logos and branding, rather than just the one, as it’s easier to catch the similarities and principles once you spread it out among different designs.

    That’s a great logo in your example, though. Love the clean, simple design with those extra touches that take it beyond just a cool font.

    • Josh Sutton

      Thank you! I am working on another post to talk about branding, and adding some more logos to that post so everyone can have an understanding of it all.

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