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Free Youth Group Calendar Template – Fall 2013

Our Marketplace is back once more, and we are fervently working on getting our products back up. So in the meantime, we’re giving away our number 1 product as well as what we think will replace it! The Fall 2012 calendar and the Fall 2013 calendar.

Both of these are completely gorgeous calendars and if with basic photoshop skills, you can fully customize them for your Youth Ministry in no time. We spent hours creating the skeleton, just fill it in with your groups information!

Just to be clear once more, these are photoshop files, and you will need photoshop to edit them (although if you ask in the comments, other readers have edited them with a number of different programs).

Youth Group Calendar events

Fall youth group calendar

To Download, use these links

Fall 2012 Calendar .psd files - http://we.tl/b4WL7s8h4e

Fall 2013 Calendar .psd files - http://we.tl/bm2SZnwR1V

And these download links will only be active until September 20th, at which point you can once again find them on the Youthmin.org Marketplace!

  1. Ben Harris

    Sweet! Thanks so much, I was bummed that I missed out on the calendar the last time it was posted. Thanks for all you guys do on here! Great website

      • Travis

        Is there anyway you can send this to me now? I am trying to create a Calendar, but suck at photo shop and other stuff, and now it’s unavailable.

  2. Christian

    So what are the other programs that people have edited this calendar with? Great resource that I hope to be able to use without having to buy Photoshop!

    • Hi Christian, I know Gimp will open .psd’s and I think the other program is pixelator or something similar to that.

  3. Kelly

    I can’t seem to find this in the marketplace to purchase. Where can I get it?

  4. Anything coming for 2014? Or is the 2013 still available somewhere?

  5. Jose

    I just purchased your Big Fall Calendar, but I cannot seem to edit it to make it fit our events and ministry. What Do I need to be able to do this?

  6. I have photoshop cc on my mac but I cannot seem to change the images, and fonts or create new text. It seems like the file is locked for editing. could I get a phone call 760-382-7955

  7. Jennifer

    I purchased the flat 4 month youth calendar and I am having a heck of a time trying to edit it. I downloaded Adobe Illustrator like it suggested….however, I totally missed that it was the fall 2013 calendar and now I cant use it at all…:/ Anyone able to HELP?!?!

    • Hi Jennifer, email me at ben@youthmin.org and I will try and help you out. There should be another document in the folder that has the 2014 dates all set, let me know in the email if that is missing, too. Thanks!

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