3 Words or Less: Christmas Movie Addition

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How to Play “3 Words or Less”
The goal of the game is to guess the movie title before anyone else. We’ve provided you with 3 one word clues, but they won’t show up all at once. Every 5 seconds a new clue will reveal itself, so if you think you know the answer before the other people, buzz in and claim the point.

Once you hit the buzzer, the person running slides will pause the countdown(that way the person can’t stall while more clues are revealed) If you get it wrong you cannot score anymore, leaving the question open for someone else to steal the point.If the timer runs out(15 secs) than no one scores that round.

Set Up: You’ll need 2 or more combatants, a program that can run video presentation(powerpoint, pro presenter, proclaim, etc), and a buzzer(optional).

Side Note: This pairs well with the “Three Beautiful Words” series

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