Youth Pastor Spiritual Life

Summertime Blues

Summer is right around the corner, and it is approaching quickly! I love being a part of camps, mission trips, and random outings that can only take place during the summer break. The preparation that is put into summer is all paid off when we get to see God move in our students’ lives. Summer truly is an exciting time for youth ministries! Yet, there is a problem. I’m having a hard time…    read more 

9 Ways to Always be on Mission

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately focused on the mission of the church, the mission of our Youth Ministry, and gaining more traction for influence for Jesus in the communities we have been entrusted with. Here’s 9 super simple ways that God showed me, mostly from Galatians 6, on how to stay on mission and always be on mission. 1. Know the State of those around you. 2. Correct those…    read more 

Part-Time Youth Pastor, Full-Time Hero: How To Stay Spiritually Healthy When There's No Food Around

As a minister, one of our main priorities is to stay spiritually healthy. For a youth pastor, we get an extra benefit in this department because we get the ability to participate in our morning worship. We don’t have major responsibilities, so we can soak in the message our pastors present to us. With that said, I know this doesn’t always happen, especially for those who work in small churches. If your church…    read more 

Soul Care While Looking For A New Ministry Job

As I was looking for my new youth ministry position, I sought out a lot of wise council. I received solid advice about my resume, the right questions to ask, the right websites to look for jobs, and how to leave well from a church. The thing no one really prepared me for is the emotional and spiritual warfare that was about to come over the few months of this job search….    read more 

Building a Healthy Ministry-Esteem

I think there’s a dichotomy of the way youth pastors, or honestly anyone in general, tends to view themself: Either we are incredibly full of ourselves, or incredibly unsure of ourselves. Put another way: Either we think we’re the “poop”, or a piece of “poop.” Either way, it stinks and funks up our ministry. Prideful people push others away. There are plenty of posts out there on pride, so I want to…    read more 

The epidemic of Immaturity or what Pride can look like

I pray the Lord would use this post to bring revelation to anything in our lives that is holding us back from walking in fullness. It scares me to look back six months ago let alone six years ago and see how immature I truly was. I don’t like failure or going through hard times. I have had the Lord bring me through schools before. I’ve gone through the school but failed…    read more 

Standards in Youth Ministry

Sometimes I feel the most humbling lessons I learn in ministry come straight from looking at what my teenagers are struggling with.  This week? One of the things I feel like I’ve been pounding into my teenagers lately is the fact that we set extremely unrealistic standards for ourselves, standards that we don’t hold anyone else to.  Teenagers feel like they need a boyfriend/girlfriend in order to fit in, yet don’t judge a friend…    read more 

The undiscovered truth's about Prayer: Spiritual Growth in Youth Ministry

November 7, 2012    
Josh Read    

Love this simple little poem from Leonard Ravenhill that my brother shared in the Youthmin Facebook group earlier today (which is different than our page, check it out if you haven’t already). “There are, I am sure, acres of undiscovered truth about prayer in the Bible. Prayer is the most unexplored area of the Christian Life. Prayer is the most powerful weapon of the Christian Life. Prayer is the most hell-feared battle…    read more 

Self Worth of Youth Pastors and Church Committees

October 27, 2012    
Ben Read    

Youth Pastors can often get down in the dumps on ourselves based off of performance reviews. Our Youth Groups are never big enough, never growing enough, never reaching the right students. We, as leaders, aren’t doing enough, spending the budget wise enough, leading well enough. Stay true to God, who has called you, and placed you where you are. Your Worth is determined by God, not by church committees. Related articles Three…    read more