6 great Worship songs for Youth Group

August 11, 2016    
Ben Read    
youth group worship programming

I’m fortunate enough to have an intern who helps lead our Jr. High Worship, but I still oversee our High School Worship. I’ve always been a fan of choosing a selection of songs and keeping them, rotating a handful out at the end of the year (or sometimes, semester breaks), so your band and group can get to know the songs really well, while also¬†being exposed to new songs. I was blessed…    read more 

6 Ways to Better Engage Your Students in Small Group

engage blog pic

I believe in students connecting in small group environments. Small groups have always been a cornerstone of every ministry I have been a part of and their environments consume about 60% of my entire workload. It is hard work to create -> maintain -> encourage small groups and it is just as hard finding -> equipping -> keeping small group leaders. Everything about small groups is hard work, but I hope this…    read more 

An awesome tool for creating quick and cheap decorations

September 23, 2015    
Ben Read    
youth ministry banner help

Many, many years ago, I may or may not have been involved with a prank of putting a giant picture of one of my roommates hanging above the cafeteria for all to see. I don’t remember much about ¬†what the picture was that made it embarrassing for him, but I do remember it being about 15 feet tall, and using the school library to make it for free thanks to a great…    read more 

Youth Ministry Color Wars

June 2, 2015    
Ben Read    
student ministry color wars youth group

IDEAS FOR A YOUTH GROUP PAINT POWDER PARTY. We recently did a Color Wars event with Oneighty Students, and it was a complete blast despite the weather being FAR less than ideal (a 60-degree rainy day surrounded by beautiful, sunny 85-degree days all around). The last few weeks, the Facebook Community has been inundated with Color Wars event questions, so since we had all the information, we figured we would just…    read more 

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