5 Ways to Make Your Ministry Better This Year

January 14, 2014    
Keith Parker    

Whether you are a big proponent of New Year’s resolutions or not, one must admit that the turning of the calendar seems to be a mental reset for most of us. Most times, we focus on our weight, our finances, or our family. Today, I thought it would be good to focus on our ministry instead. I am eager to take our Youth Ministry to the next level, and I’m sure you…    read more 

How To Keep Your Youth Ministry Small

Eight years ago I started at a small church with a small youth ministry.  I remember being terrified.  I had no idea what I was doing…even after 3 years of an internship, and 5+ years of school.  Bible college and seminary could never prepare me for what being a pastor was.  To be honest, it was a horrible year and a half start.  It was rocky, and I wasn’t sure I was…    read more 

5 Questions I Ask After Every Youth Group Night

November 26, 2013    
Frank Gil    

We have our main youth meetings on Wednesday Night, but yours might be on Thursdays or Sundays. Regardless of the day you meet, I think there always needs to be some sort of evaluation of the service. If you are not evaluating how you are doing and how the ministry is doing, you may be blindly leading the ministry into a bad direction. After each Wednesday night I ask my wife and/or…    read more 

10 Things I refuse to do in Youth Ministry

November 4, 2013    
Ben Read    

A few years ago I wrote this post on my old blog, and I was thinking about it this afternoon for some reason, so I decided to reshare it. It’s a bit humbling to go back through some of these and consider how they hold up in my ministry years later, in a different context. Having a list of non-negotiables for your ministry is something I believe to be of great value…    read more 

Raising the Bar of Expectations in Youth Ministry

October 25, 2013    
Ben Read    

Our YouthMin.org Facebook community had a great conversation the other day about the expectation of fun in youth group; that it often seems like it doesn’t matter how biblical your messages are or how much theology you teach, if you’re not having fun then you’re not being “effective” in Youth Ministry. A few in our community shared how they’ve had their Sr. Pastors or other church leaders basically say that if they…    read more 

An Open Letter to Church Leaders

October 23, 2013    
Keith Parker    

You might assume by the title of this post that I’m concurrently working on my resume and a blog post, but I’m excited about sharing this post with you and with my own church leaders as we seek to make Christ famous.  I am also eager to hear back from you on what you would share with your church leaders, and I hope this post will be a great conversation starter. I…    read more 

The 2 Questions I Ask Every Volunteer Leader

October 21, 2013    

There are countless things that I love about youth ministry; one of those things is the explosion of job descriptions for volunteers in the ministry. These job descriptions list qualifications and expectations, which are all good and needed things; but to be honest, it freaked some people out in my ministry.  I am not saying that my volunteers did not like to hear about what qualified them or what we expected from…    read more 

Avoiding the Holy Huddle – Challenging Students Beyond the Church Walls

October 18, 2013    
Keith Parker    

I think one of the most important lessons we can teach our students is that the Kingdom of God is larger than the four walls of our church building.  When students graduate from our ministry, I hope that they find a place to worship, to serve, to grow, and to connect with other Christians.  Whether they end up worshiping at Hazelwood with us or somewhere else, the goal is that they stick…    read more 

Jr. High is NOT a Stepping Stone

October 15, 2013    

This will be offensive to some, but I am okay with that. When I was in college, I met with a guy that openly said, “ I don’t even like Junior High Students, this is a stepping stone for me.”  The goal of the meeting was for him to pour into future pastors and leaders in the church.  He was the Junior High Pastor there and he is very dangerous. Some of you…    read more 

5 easy excuses for subpar Youth Ministry

October 15, 2013    
Ben Read    

I doubt there is a Youth Pastor in the world that got into ministry to just coast. No, I believe more for Youth Pastors, and I believe each and every one of us started out with great dreams and visions of what God was going to accomplish through us and the ministries we would lead. But we can’t all start out in the Mega Churches, so most of us take jobs at…    read more