5 Simple Ways to Gain Respect from Your Church Leaders

Having been a youth minister for well over a decade now, I think I have heard all of the ridiculous statements and stereotypes about youth ministers. We are lazy, disorganized, and never take anything seriously. We only work on Sundays. All we do is play games and order pizza. And my personal favorite: when we “grow up,” we might “get our own church.” While I’m not certain where these stereotypes originated, the…    read more 

What would happen to your Youth Ministry if you left?

Yesterday, one of our contributors, Frank Gil, posted this He’s not alone, and I know many Youth Pastors are planning beyond their Fall Calendars and are thinking about the entire ministry year that lays ahead of us, and if you haven’t started that process yet, you should. Last year around this time, I was coming home from our annual vacation at the end of the ministry year and starting that process, and laid…    read more 

Hang In There!

Over the past few weeks, our YouthMin.org Facebook group has been littered with discouraged and hurting Youth Ministers.  Whether dealing with criticism, divorce, unrealistic expectations, or other sources of discouragement, many of our comrades are struggling to navigate these difficulties.  Questions of identity, purpose, calling, and even value seem to be waging war against many of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  In addition, many are asking the question, “Do I even…    read more 

What Do I Do All Week?

May 2, 2014    
Frank Gil    

You probably get this question at least once a semester. That one kid who is known for his sarcasm and snakiness comes up to you and asks, “What do you even do all week?” Don’t get upset. I know you want to snap back with something snarky and a little condescending but don’t. This could be an opportunity to show your students an inside look of pastoral ministry. Here is my week…    read more 

Essential Time Management

About a month ago I read an article by Carey Nieuwhof to his “younger self” in ministry about how to live and lead better.  As a young leader myself, I ate up the article and have read it weekly. One point that resonated with me was #10: Focus on productivity, and not just effort” Sometimes we brag about how we worked a “60-hour workweek,” but let’s be honest: what did we really accomplish? Why…    read more 

The importance of Time in Youth Ministry

February 11, 2014    
Ben Read    

Last year at the Orange Conference, the theme was Focus, but really it should have just been Time, because that’s what everything came down to. I remember how Reggie Joiner would bring out this big jar of marbles for every speaker that came on stage, and it illustrated the number of weeks that were left for this speaker before their child graduated High School and left home, no longer under their direct…    read more 

How Do You Have Time To Post On Social Media?

February 11, 2014    
Jeremy Smith    

If you look at my church’s social media feed on our ministry’s Facebook and Twitter account, you might wonder how I have the time to post social media while still doing ministry at the same time. It takes time to come up with ideas, construct the post, schedule it out, reply to comments, see what posts works so that I am coming up with the best content we can be sharing on…    read more 

3 Things To Do When Your Numbers Are Low

January 22, 2014    

We all deal with it this time of year–our numbers are LOW. It usually happens around the holidays, but it can also happen during Spring Break, Summer vacation… or just a random Sunday.  What do you do when your group is down? Be creative. You know those fantastic ideas that wouldn’t work for a large group, but could work for a much smaller group? Do it! Use the time to do some…    read more 

5 ways to get your whole church involved in Youth Ministry

January 20, 2014    
Ben Read    

This is a guest post from Helene Foust who regularly blogs at http://inumcconnect.org. After almost a whole month on the road and a super amazing vacation, I am back to the wonderful world of blogging!  I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been asked the question“How do I get more people involved in youth ministry?” during the month of October. I am excited that the question is being asked! Here are 5 ideas to…    read more