The purpose of waiting for Marriage

We’re talking this upcoming week in our Youth Ministry about waiting, which includes setting boundaries. I know many of you have probably already seen this video, but it’s still great, and we’ll be showing it to lead into the message.


Weekly Youth Group Preview – February 4, 2015

Much like Frank Gil does his weekly recap’s of what they do in their Youth Ministry, designed especially for Youth Pastors, we’ve been doing a preview video for our parents. Here is our preview video we send to parents to know what we’re discussing. Along with the video, we try to include a few conversation…

C.S. Lewis shares his thoughts on Masturbation

C.S. Lewis is a man who’s writings have had a profound impact on my life. It was after seeing a one-man play of “C.S. Lewis live on stage” many years ago that my love for reading returned with vengeance after my apathetic High School years, and I’ve been a collector of his books and writings…

Porn Poll: How Often

Below is a Porn Poll that we are doing for a future article on The poll is anonymous and we ask you to be honest. Our hope is that no one struggles with a pornography addiction, but we know that statistics say otherwise. Vote below. I’m a Youth Pastor. I looked at Porn: