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The Race

Our Jr. High team has been having some fun the last several weeks making stupid video openers for our service, here’s one we did this past week pitting me verse one of our college leaders.

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What CrossFit Taught Me About Youth Ministry

I discovered CrossFit in May 2015. I was an avid runner, pounding out mile after mile every week, which led to an ankle tendon injury. My doctor told me that I could still be active, but he did not want me running the heavy miles I had become accustomed to. My wife invited me to…

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Saying Goodbye to Student Ministry: Age Matters

You’ve heard it said. I’ve heard it said. It’s been said to you. We’ve asked it ourselves every now and then. Even search teams talk about it. The million dollar question that makes every youth pastor want to roll their eyes –  “Aren’t you a little old to be a youth pastor?” For some odd…

YouthMin Facebook group is awesome

Why The YouthMin Facebook Group is AWESOME!

Every day, my phone and laptop are inundated with notifications from Facebook.  Before you think “Wow, he must be a really popular guy,” let me clarify.  I have the privilege of being one of the group administrators for the Facebook group, a gaggle of 4685 youth ministers and leaders (currently) from all over the…