The Inner Battle: Overcoming Apathetic Students

inner battle youth ministry

Having been a Youth Minister for over 15 years now, I think I have probably heard every excuse in the book for why a student wouldn’t be attending youth group or a summer trip. “I have sports.” “I have band.” “I have homework.” “My mom doesn’t want to drive me.” “It just doesn’t seem like fun.” “I was asleep.” “It’s just not deep enough for me.” “________________ will be there and that…    read more 

23 Articles You Should Read About Pornography (Plus Some Resources)

Let us be honest. Porn is killing us as a society. Porn alienates us from others. Porn ruins marriages. Porn also funds the modern day slave trade in the sex industry. It is the cancer that is running rampant in our world and in our churches and no one is talking about it. You don’t even have to be a Christian to see that porn is crippling us. So we need to do something about…    read more 

The Inner Battle: Overcoming the Frustrations of Youth Ministry

inner battle youth ministry

I am a fairly upbeat guy for the most part, but I remember a particular Wednesday evening when I came home really bummed out. It was homecoming week at our local high school, so most of our students were at the school dodgeball tournament instead of at youth group. Most of my adult leaders hadn’t shown up either, and my sermon had fallen very flat. After youth group, I went to an…    read more 

Stop Asking Students To Do The Sinner’s Prayer

May 4, 2015    
Frank Gil    
alter call

I remember the first time I ever mentioned I wasn’t a fan of the sinner’s prayer. I was a college pastor in Tampa and I was speaking to about 50 students on a Thursday night. I quickly mentioned in my message that the call for the sinner’s prayer isn’t found in the Bible. Nor does the call for salvation require a prayer. You would of thought I said Jesus was a purple woman…    read more 

Wisdom for Rookie Youth Pastors: The Essentials

April 29, 2015    
Josh Fuentes    

I’ve been in youth ministry for almost 8 years, and I’m definitely not the same 21 year old who started out so long ago. As a rookie youth pastor I remember thinking someone was an awesome youth pastor if they could play a guitar, kill it with graphic designs, and make spectacular videos. Those are all great skills to have, but in the end, these things don’t make youth pastors who last. So…    read more 

48 Books, Links, & Sermons on Biblical Womanhood

I made a series called Image Bearers that talks about Biblical Womanhood. Here are a ton of resources that I made available for my students to go deeper on the issue. Here are 48 resources I found (with the help of my wife) to be helpful on the subject of Biblical Womanhood. 3 Ways to Actually Guard Your Heart – Relevant Magazine 7 Truths When You Are Rejected – Lies Young Women Believe A Single…    read more 

Staying Relatable in Youth Ministry

April 28, 2015    
Brent Aiken    
Staying Relatable in Youth Ministry

For some time now, I have heard the expression, “I will stay in youth ministry as long as I can relate with the students.” After taking some time to think through this statement, I’m not sure it’s valid.   What is Relatable?   This is probably something that needs no explanation, but I am sure that there are many different definitions of a seemingly straightforward definition. Oxford dictionary defines relatable as two things,…    read more 

Contextualizing Your Ministry

April 28, 2015    
Keith Parker    
youth ministry context leadership

Context is everything. We understand this to be true about biblical studies, quotes from our favorite athletes, and lines from movies. But the same is true in our ministries. Context is everything. As we seek to be the best leaders and youth ministers we can possibly be, it is vital that we consider our own church’s context. Demographics, geography, economics, and past experiences all play a huge role in our every day…    read more 

Wisdom for Rookie Youth Pastors: Lock-Ins Part 2

April 27, 2015    
Josh Fuentes    

In my last post, I shared about the spiritual crises every youth pastor goes through when they plan a lock-in. Now that we’ve poked fun at lock-ins, we should get serious, and actually consider some thoughts that will allow you to have a spectacular night. If this is your first time doing a lock-in, I’m sure you’re spewing with excitement right now. I know I was, and when I was a teenager…    read more 

31 Books, Links, & Sermons on Biblical Manhood

I made a series called Image Bearers that talks about Biblical Manhood. Here are a ton of resources that I made available for my students to go deeper on the issue. Here are 31 resources I found to be helpful on the subject of Biblical Manhood. 10 Myths about Lust | CBMW 33 The Series | Authentic Manhood A Guide to Biblical Manhood |Randy Stinson Act Like Men: 40 Days to Biblical Manhood | James MacDonald…    read more