iPhone Wallet

November 27, 2011    
Josh Read    

I’m always thankful when it starts to get cold enough outside to wear my coat, not because I’m a romantic and like seeing the leaves change, c’mon. I like it because my coat has enough pockets for all the “shtuff” I have to carry around. I’ve looked for something to help fix the “I need a manbag” problem and this iPhone Wallet is about the closest thing to perfection I’ve found. Supple…    read more 

5 Essentials In Student Ministry: Widespread Prayer

November 27, 2011    
Jeremy Smith    

  The 2011-2012 school year is officially in full swing and so is USAFA Club Beyond with college football games, club programming, small groups, student leadership, and volunteer training. As we step into this new year, we are going to be approaching ministry a little differently and I would love your help. The first of Youth for Christ’s 5 Essentials that we evaluate ministry by is Widespread Prayer. YFC describes it as:…    read more 

Are you challenging your students to make a Commitment?

November 20, 2011    
Ben Read    

I’ve been struggling with this thought since last night, and granted, I was asleep for 8 of those hours, so its not that much time. But something bothered me last night and bothered me again this morning, so I figured it was worth looking into. Our Youth Ministry has more than tripled in the 17 months since I got here. We have seen a lot of students come into our ministry, some…    read more 

#Youthmin Contributors

November 17, 2011    
Ben Read is looking for unique posts from various voices in Youth Ministry. Want to join the conversation? Here are a few themes we’re looking for: Monday – Challenges from Senior Pastors Tuesday – Questions on how to lead this generation Wednesday – Interview of a Youth Pastor Thursday – Book Reviews Friday – Style, Technology or Cool Stuff Comment below and let us know that you’re interested in being a contributor. We…    read more