GUEST POST – When You Get Slammed By the Lead Pastor

February 24, 2016    
Keith Parker    
Slammed by Lead Pastor

Paul Sheneman is an author, speaker and youth pastor, with over 15 years of youth ministry experience. He currently serves as the Methodist youth pastor in Macedonia, OH. He drinks way too much coffee for his own good and enjoys a good book. It never feels good getting run over by the metaphorical bus. You typically never see it coming. The pointed questions come your way and you are shocked into the…    read more 

Celebrate EVERY victory in Youth Ministry

January 6, 2016    
Ben Read    
youth ministry gospel

Facebook and Instagram in my life are basically just for following other Youth Pastors and ministries. Helping to run the Facebook community and being involved in several other groups, I see hardly any updates on my newsfeed that aren’t coming from a youth worker. I say that because that means that most Sundays and Wednesdays, I get to celebrate with other churches as they post how many baptisms, or salvations, or…    read more 

Three friends every youth pastor should have.

Every Tuesday morning, before the staff at our campus begins the day, my campus pastor calls the staff into the lobby for what he calls “Pastries With The Pastor.” He supplies donuts and other sweet treats and we spend the first 15 minutes of our day sharing highs and lows of ministry and praying for one another. Occasionally he will share a short devotional or thought for us to think about for the week….    read more 

This Is What We Did Last Night – 12.17.15

December 17, 2015    
Frank Gil    

See all my resources The XMAS YouthMin Playlist YOUTH MINISTRY CHRISTMAS CARDS Videos: Santa Shuffle Did You Get Me Anything? That’s Christmas Rap Sign up to receive 4 new videos sent to your inbox each week! Game: Christmas Paper Plate Game So, Christmas is your favorite holiday? Yes or No Game Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Game Ugly Christmas Sweater Game (No Link) Advent Christmas Prayer Stations Main one we used We used…    read more 

Top 10 gifts to bring to a white elephant gift exchange

December 14, 2015    
Ben Read    
youth group christmas party

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties, and in Youth Ministry, that usually means Ugly Sweaters, Santa-themed games, and a White Elephant gift exchange. As Youth Pastors, it’s on us to make sure we have extra gifts for the inevitable students who fail to listen to the announcements, or are visitors, or for any number of reasons don’t have a gift to put in play so they can participate. I usually try and…    read more 

Christmas Carol Mix-Up

December 14, 2015    
Ben Read    
youth group christmas game

This game was just submitted in our Facebook Community by Claire Rust, and we knew we’d have to share it here for everyone else. From Claire’s post: You draw a Christmas song, then roll a die which tells you how you have to perform the song. (Clap, drum, ding, meow, fish lips, or wookie) Every performer gets a point and the person who guesses the song first gets a point. I know we’re…    read more