5 easy conversations you should have with parents in your ministry

March 9, 2016    
Ben Read    
youth ministry parent partner

I’m a big believer in partnering with parents as a Youth Ministry, and I know many others are as well. But how does that actually play out? I’ve been working through some objectives for our ministry when it comes to having that partnership, what it looks like if fully developed, and what it accomplishes when we’re cranking on all cylinders. As I’ve done that I’ve been working through a few things that…    read more 

This Is What We Did Last Week – 3.8.16

March 8, 2016    
Frank Gil    

Frank Gil – epikos Church in Milwaukee, Wi Pre-service: 15 minute countdown video YouthMin Spotify Playlist It was my birthday to the leaders brought snacks and cake. Funny Video: How to get your youth group crush to notice you. Franchesskah drinks water (made by me) Game: Cottonball Game Electricity Message: Waiting Dating Mating (YouthMin) We are in week three of this series. We talked specifically about sex and boundaries. One Major thought of the…    read more 

6 Ways to Better Engage Your Students in Small Group

I believe in students connecting in small group environments. Small groups have always been a cornerstone of every ministry I have been a part of and their environments consume about 60% of my entire workload. It is hard work to create -> maintain -> encourage small groups and it is just as hard finding -> equipping -> keeping small group leaders. Everything about small groups is hard work, but I hope this…    read more 

6 tips for hosting a Youth Ministry Nerf Wars event

March 3, 2016    
Ben Read    

This past week, we had a special event at both our Jr. High and High School services that is nothing new.  We did a Nerf night. Our format was a 3-on-3 tournament for our Jr. High and a 5-on-5 tournament for our High School. Honestly, I thought “Well of course the Jr. Highers are going to love this, but not sure about our Sr. Highers” to the point that I almost canceled…    read more 

This Is What We Did Last Week

March 1, 2016    
Frank Gil    

So for over a year I have been making these videos called “This is what I did last night” I loved doing them and it was always encouraging to hear from people about the ideas they got from my videos. Since transitioning from Wednesday nights to Sunday nights it has been really tough finding a consistent time to shoot, edit, and post the videos. However, I still want you to know what…    read more 

GUEST POST – When You Get Slammed By the Lead Pastor

February 24, 2016    
Keith Parker    
Slammed by Lead Pastor

Paul Sheneman is an author, speaker and youth pastor, with over 15 years of youth ministry experience. He currently serves as the Methodist youth pastor in Macedonia, OH. He drinks way too much coffee for his own good and enjoys a good book. It never feels good getting run over by the metaphorical bus. You typically never see it coming. The pointed questions come your way and you are shocked into the…    read more