Ben Read

Youth Group Game – Balloon Stomp

March 18, 2015     Ben Read    

Here’s a great game for any size group, be it 5 or 500. The basic concept is that every player has a balloon tied to their ankles, and they have to pop the balloons of others before theirs get popped, by stomping on other balloons. We played with the rules that if your balloon becomes unattached to your leg, even if still fully deflated, it counted as a lost balloon. Similarly, if…    read more 

Youth Ministry is not the same as Youth Group

Almost 6 months ago, I got to inherit a great group of students by taking a new role. Our Youth Group has plenty of students that come every week, is filled with students passionate about growing in their relationship with God, and contains a large portion of students whose parents don’t go to church, meaning there is plenty of potential. But this group of students is just one of a few groups…    read more 

Using Bulletins in Youth Ministry

Do you use bulletins in Youth Ministry? It seems like whenever the idea of bulletins gets brought up, a majority of Youth Pastors have negative experiences to share. For quite a long time, I was in that same boat. The truth is, Bulletins can often seem like a giant waste of time for youth group. It’s one of those things that you almost have to make flashy, in order to grab students…    read more 

Youth Ministry Game – Dumbo March

March 9, 2015     Ben Read    

This game may be nothing new, but I gave some students the challenge last week of going into walk-mart and making up a game based on things they found. What they found was golf-club tubes, the things that go into your golf bag and keep your clubs organized, and decided to make a game with that using ping pong balls. Some discussion later, and this game came out. Dumbo¬†march involves players using…    read more 

Songs to play before Youth Group

March 9, 2015     Ben Read    

One of the most frequent questions we get in the YouthMin Facebook community has to do with music to play before and after Youth Group services.¬†Here are 10 songs by Christian artists we are playing before and after our services that your group would love, too. We chose these songs because they cover a variety of musical tastes and help introduce your students to great new bands to add to their repertoire….    read more 

Youth Group Game: Generic Taste Test

March 4, 2015     Ben Read    

A few weeks ago, we played an awesome game in Oneighty that I know other groups would love to play. It’s not a unique idea, you may have seen it before, but it worked perfectly for a Youth Group game. Here’s where the game came from | In the video above, they only play it one vs. one. But it was just as easy, and only a few bucks more, to get…    read more 

Are you a spotlight leader?

February 19, 2015     Ben Read    

The Orange Conference is coming up quick (in fact February 19th is a registration savings deadline!!) and so I thought I’d look back one one of my favorite talks I’ve heard in the four years I’ve gone. Several years back, Doug Fields gave an incredible message as he talked about the importance of being a spotlight leader. In today’s world, there are all kinds of leaders out there, you can be an…    read more 

Why I hate Christian movies

I grew up loving the Buttercream Gang, and it’s wildly successful follow up “The Buttercream gang and the Secret of Treasure Mountain.” Trying to google that second title brought back so many memories of all the classic christian movies of the late 80’s and early 90’s that were ever popular in my house as a kid. But although the quality of Christian film making has drastically improved since that era, I feel…    read more 

Weekly Youth Group Preview – February 4, 2015

February 5, 2015     Ben Read    

Much like Frank Gil does his weekly recap’s of what they do in their Youth Ministry, designed especially for Youth Pastors, we’ve been doing a preview video for our parents. Here is our preview video we send to parents to know what we’re discussing. Along with the video, we try to include a few conversation starters for Parents, things they can use to have a discussion on the way to Youth Group…    read more