Ben Read

Weekend Recap for Oneighty

September 28, 2015     Ben Read    
youth ministry ideas

Last night was only the second time we’ve been able to meet with our Students in the last month. Here’s what we did! Series: The Walking Dead Tonight’s  Bottom Line: It is not God’s will for us to blend in to the crowd, but for us to stand out. Order of Service Opener: You suck at Cooking – Maple Baked Salmon Announcements Element of Fun: Dinoball Marvelous Light – Hillsong Even so Come…    read more 

Monday Questions

September 28, 2015     Ben Read    
youth pastor questions

Would love to hear the various thoughts on these questions: 1 | What’s one game you played when you were in Youth Group that would get you fired for playing today? 2 | How many lessons/messages are you in charge of every week? 3 | If you could give one thing to every youth pastor, what would it be? 4 | What is something from the Bible you have never taught on?…    read more 

An awesome tool for creating quick and cheap decorations

September 23, 2015     Ben Read    

Many, many years ago, I may or may not have been involved with a prank of putting a giant picture of one of my roommates hanging above the cafeteria for all to see. I don’t remember much about  what the picture was that made it embarrassing for him, but I do remember it being about 15 feet tall, and using the school library to make it for free thanks to a great…    read more 

Small Group Leaders Meeting Agenda

September 3, 2015     Ben Read    
what to talk about with youth ministry small group leaders

We just had a great meeting with our Small Group Leaders to kick off the school year. I know a lot of times Youth Pastors find it greatly helpful to see what other ministries are doing in their meetings, in order to make their own better, so I thought I’d share our team agenda with you. This isn’t what we talk about every time we meet, but this being the first meeting…    read more 

Why we have fun in Youth Ministry

September 2, 2015     Ben Read    

Last night, our Jr. High Ministry had one of the most fun events I have done in 10 years of ministry. We gave a talk at the end that wrapped up our last summer series and gave the gospel, but outside of those 20 minutes, it was just a time of fun. We had triple the attendance from the end of last year with 11 first-time guests, and I got to hear…    read more 

You don’t have to look at porn

September 1, 2015     Ben Read    
overcoming porn struggle

There have already been a number of articles out about the Ashley Madison hack and the number of pastors on that list, and I don’t want to just write on how great of a shame that is. It’s a shame the number of men and women in our world who struggle with this sin.  It’s a shame that many men and women won’t be forced to deal with it because they aren’t…    read more 

Youth Group Game: Nerf Duel

August 19, 2015     Ben Read    
youth group nerf game

This game was a huge hit with our Middle School Ministry, and was super easy to set up and play. Object of the game:  Two students stand across from each other with nerf guns. A table stands between them with 5 cups lined up the middle. When the ref says go, students have to shoot the cups off the table onto their opponents side, whoever gets the most over wins. What’s great…    read more 

Make the most of Summer

June 23, 2015     Ben Read    
youth pastor summer ideas

It can be so easy to slip into a lull in the summer. For most ministries, the School year is the real weight of the calendar with a completely different feel to the summer ministry. Even if you don’t change a single thing about your summer programming, it just feels different, doesn’t it? And after such a long haul from September to May, it’s easy to spend a few days taking it…    read more 

Youth Ministry Color Wars

June 2, 2015     Ben Read    
student ministry color wars youth group

IDEAS FOR A YOUTH GROUP PAINT POWDER PARTY. We recently did a Color Wars event with Oneighty Students, and it was a complete blast despite the weather being FAR less than ideal (a 60-degree rainy day surrounded by beautiful, sunny 85-degree days all around). The last few weeks, the Facebook Community has been inundated with Color Wars event questions, so since we had all the information, we figured we would just…    read more 

Sunday School vs. Small Groups

June 2, 2015     Ben Read    
ministry language

Right now, I’m trying to lead our Family Ministry team through a process of using the same language across our ministries. For a number of reasons, I believe this helps our parents better know what happens in our ministries at our church for their students, and makes times of transition more seamless and smooth. For us, going from Children’s Ministry to Jr. High, and even Jr. High to High School leads to…    read more