Ben Read

Frustration in Youth Ministry

youth pastor quit resign frustration

A few weeks ago, I watched a few of our college interns interacting with a Mom of a student in their small group. They all knew I was close by if needed, but they were resolving the issue themselves. It was a tough situation in that a student in the group had started pouring out a lot of the junk going on his life, and the small group leaders were still processing…    read more 

Monday Questions | 10.19.15

October 19, 2015     Ben Read    
youth ministry community

Time for some more questions to better get to know our fellow Youth Workers! As an extra incentive to leave a comment, we’ll choose one of the comments on Friday to get a $20 gift card to the YouthMin store! 1 | What mobile carrier are you on? 2 | What college did you go to? Did you get a specific Youth Ministry degree or what? 3 | What has been your…    read more 

Hall Ball Youth Group Game

October 16, 2015     Ben Read    
youth group game

Hall Ball has been one of my favorite Youth Group games to play for the last several years. I had first read about it on the YouthLeaderStash, and hadn’t seen it many other places, so with Chad shutting the site down over there, I wanted to make sure this game would live on. In this game, you’ll need a long Hallway that can fit you’re entire group in it. Split the group…    read more 

Tectonic Plates

October 14, 2015     Ben Read    

Tectonic Plates is a fun, cheap game we played with our Jr. High Ministry yesterday. If you’ve played Human Roomba, it’s very similar to that, just more group participation. Two teams are formed, and one volunteer from each team gets wrapped from head to toe in duct tape. The big difference here is that usually, we wrap arms and legs together with body, but in this game, we want arms and legs…    read more 

Trusting that God is in Control

October 14, 2015     Ben Read    
getting youth ministry job

I love the church I get to do ministry at. I just celebrated one year in this position, and I’ve been enjoying looking through my TimeHop and seeing all the pictures from moving into our house, and first night at Youth Group, and all of that. But I was in conversation with our church for several months before they hired me, and during that time, I was still talking to several other…    read more 

Monday Questions – 10.12.15

October 12, 2015     Ben Read    
youth pastor interview questions

Another Monday, another set of questions. 1 | When making scores, do you lightly toast the marshmallow until it’s golden brown, or are you more interested in setting it on fire and burning it to a crisp? 2 | What’s the last event you have done with your student ministry? 3 | How long have you been at your church in your position? 4 | How far you from your closest family?…    read more 

Whack ‘Em

October 7, 2015     Ben Read    
games to play in small room with small group

This game is a classic youth ministry game. I think most people have probably played this one, but it’s also easy to forget about. Everyone sits in a circle except for one player, who has the sword of squish. To begin the game, the person in the middle points at one person of their choosing, who must say the name of the person in the middle and the name of someone else…    read more 

Circle Soccer

October 7, 2015     Ben Read    
best youth group games that everyone plays

We played this game last night in our Jr. High Ministry and on Sunday with our Sr. Highers. Haven’t played it in a few years, and I totally forgot how much fun it is! Everyone stands in a circle, with their feet touching the feet of the person next to them, spread a little bit more than shoulder width. The object of the game is to pass the ball through the legs…    read more 

Blowing up Pumpkins for Halloween

October 5, 2015     Ben Read    
blowing up a pumpkin safely

Last week, Frank Gil and I were brainstorming ideas for our upcoming Halloween Harvest Parties with our Youth Groups, and got to talking about an idea that we felt other Youth Groups would love. So we tried it out to see how long it took, what would be needed, and how messy. You can watch it in the video below. As you see, we used 195 rubber bands before it exploded. We…    read more 

Monday Questions | 10.5.15

October 5, 2015     Ben Read    
youth pastor alone

It’s time for Monday Questions. Loved seeing the varied responses last week, so lets try it again! 1 | What’s your most used font in your student ministry? 2 | How far away from your church do you live? 3 | What’s your favorite 90’s era Youth Worship song? 4 | What is your favorite game to play with your group? 5 | Spotify, Pandora, or iTunes Music? 6 | What translation of the Bible do you…    read more