Ben Read

5 easy conversations you should have with parents in your ministry

March 9, 2016     Ben Read    
youth ministry parent partner

I’m a big believer in partnering with parents as a Youth Ministry, and I know many others are as well. But how does that actually play out? I’ve been working through some objectives for our ministry when it comes to having that partnership, what it looks like if fully developed, and what it accomplishes when we’re cranking on all cylinders. As I’ve done that I’ve been working through a few things that…    read more 

6 tips for hosting a Youth Ministry Nerf Wars event

March 3, 2016     Ben Read    

This past week, we had a special event at both our Jr. High and High School services that is nothing new.  We did a Nerf night. Our format was a 3-on-3 tournament for our Jr. High and a 5-on-5 tournament for our High School. Honestly, I thought “Well of course the Jr. Highers are going to love this, but not sure about our Sr. Highers” to the point that I almost canceled…    read more 

Celebrate EVERY victory in Youth Ministry

January 6, 2016     Ben Read    
youth ministry gospel

Facebook and Instagram in my life are basically just for following other Youth Pastors and ministries. Helping to run the Facebook community and being involved in several other groups, I see hardly any updates on my newsfeed that aren’t coming from a youth worker. I say that because that means that most Sundays and Wednesdays, I get to celebrate with other churches as they post how many baptisms, or salvations, or…    read more 

Top 10 gifts to bring to a white elephant gift exchange

December 14, 2015     Ben Read    
youth group christmas party

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties, and in Youth Ministry, that usually means Ugly Sweaters, Santa-themed games, and a White Elephant gift exchange. As Youth Pastors, it’s on us to make sure we have extra gifts for the inevitable students who fail to listen to the announcements, or are visitors, or for any number of reasons don’t have a gift to put in play so they can participate. I usually try and…    read more 

Christmas Carol Mix-Up

December 14, 2015     Ben Read    
youth group christmas game

This game was just submitted in our Facebook Community by Claire Rust, and we knew we’d have to share it here for everyone else. From Claire’s post: You draw a Christmas song, then roll a die which tells you how you have to perform the song. (Clap, drum, ding, meow, fish lips, or wookie) Every performer gets a point and the person who guesses the song first gets a point. I know we’re…    read more 

Win the new Circle

November 5, 2015     Ben Read    
safe internet youth ministry

It’s funny trying to write a title for this post. Winning a circle might not sound like anything to be excited about, because what are we talking about? A hula-hoop? A hand drawn circle in a shadow box? No, we’re talking about the all new Circle, a product partnered with Disney that is going to change the way your family uses the internet. Circle is a device that, after connecting to the…    read more 

What is the purpose of Student Leadership?

November 2, 2015     Ben Read    
student leadership training

I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m a Youth Pastor today solely because of my experience on a Student Leadership Team, but I also that experience shaped me and prepared me for the in’s and out’s of the day to day ministry better than almost all of my classes for Youth Ministry. I was super fortunate to be part of a large Youth Ministry in California for my High School years…    read more 

Frustration in Youth Ministry

youth pastor quit resign frustration

A few weeks ago, I watched a few of our college interns interacting with a Mom of a student in their small group. They all knew I was close by if needed, but they were resolving the issue themselves. It was a tough situation in that a student in the group had started pouring out a lot of the junk going on his life, and the small group leaders were still processing…    read more 

Monday Questions | 10.19.15

October 19, 2015     Ben Read    
youth ministry community

Time for some more questions to better get to know our fellow Youth Workers! As an extra incentive to leave a comment, we’ll choose one of the comments on Friday to get a $20 gift card to the YouthMin store! 1 | What mobile carrier are you on? 2 | What college did you go to? Did you get a specific Youth Ministry degree or what? 3 | What has been your…    read more 

Hall Ball Youth Group Game

October 16, 2015     Ben Read    
youth group game

Hall Ball has been one of my favorite Youth Group games to play for the last several years. I had first read about it on the YouthLeaderStash, and hadn’t seen it many other places, so with Chad shutting the site down over there, I wanted to make sure this game would live on. In this game, you’ll need a long Hallway that can fit you’re entire group in it. Split the group…    read more