10 MORE Christian Rappers You Need To Know

October 17, 2013     Frank Gil    

It has been almost a year since I posted Top Ten Christian Rappers You Need To Know. It is one of the most viewed posts on this website. With over 60 comments and suggestions I felt it was time to update the site with 10 more rappers you should check out.

Many of y’all asked where you can find new and upcoming Christian Rappers. There is a great website to keep up with all things Christian Hip Hop. It is pretty much the only place on the web you would ever need to go to for this: Rapzilla.com.

Derek Minor | @thederekminor


Reach Records is a powerhouse in the Christian Hip Hop music scene. In my last post 5 of the 10 artists were Reach artists. This was the only artist I did not mention, not because he wasn’t worthy of my first top ten, but because I had to allow some other rappers be on the list. Derek Minor gets better with every album. His most recent album, Minorville, is his best album to date and is on repeat in my phone. His music is raw and real. Dear Mr. Christian brings up issues and discussions every believer needs to do work with. He also owns his own label as well with artists worth checking out.

Canon | @getthecanon


In Reflections Music Group owned by Derek Minor, Canon is one of their featured artists. He is fun, fast, and exciting–everything youth want in their music. His music is energetic and will make even the shyest of students of kids move. His recent single How We Do It will make you move in no time. Mad Haven is his most recent full length album. It most definitely something you want to pick up.

S.O. | @sothekid


One of my favorite people from the U.K. is this man. I first heard him open for KB a couple years ago and since then I was hooked. He is on Lamp Mode Recordings (Shai Linne) and is one of the most unique artists I have seen in a long time. Perhaps it is the fact that he grew up in the UK, but his vocals are smooth and his beats are laid-back. I love driving with his music. My favorite song is Sure Thing, which is such a fun track. He writes honest music and is one of the meekest guys I have ever met. He has two major albums under his belt and a third is on the way. You can get the album here.

Flame | @FLAME314


If you were to ask me what are the top 5 best Christian Hip Hop songs of all time, I would have Flame’s Joyful Noise somewhere in there. Flame has been in the Christian Hip Hop world for a while. He manages to to make relevant music and stay on the top of the charts. His album The 6th came out last year, and his newest album Royal Flush was just released this month. Make sure you check out the track All In!

Timothy Brindle | @timothybrindle


Timothy Brindle is well read, articulate, and blunt. He isn’t going to top the charts or get much radio play. However, he will teach your students theology and doctrine in a way that not many other can. Lamp Mode Recordings view their music as “Lyrical Theology.” That sums up Brindle’s music well. Like Shai Linne, listening to their music causes you to replay it it a couple times with your Bible open, because it is like a sermon in a song. The Gospel Coalition sat down with Brindle to discuss his most recent album The Restoration. 

W.L.A.K. | WeLiveAsKings.com


I mentioned Swoope in last year’s post. In collaboration with Dre Murray, Alex Faith, and Christon Gray they made the collective called W.L.A.K. which stands for We Live As Kings. I can’t sing the praises of this group enough. They are amazing. Each of them are talented by themselves and together they make fantastic music. One of my favorites is Long Way Down where Christon Gray confronts the enemy, reminding him of how he has fallen, has no power over him, and it’s a Long Way Down. Dre Murray talks about how the enemy tries to deceive but reminds us how God loves us so much that he reached down and saved us, and how the enemy has no power especially at the end. GET THIS ALBUM. Spotify it first. Then buy it! It is great!

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. | @truthonduty


Like Flame, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. has history in Christian Hip Hop. He was gone for a little over a year dealing with personal issues. He laid it all out in one of my favorite songs of all times, The Whole Truth. He is back and he is one of the best rappers in Christian Hip Hop. I love this guy, his testimony, his redemption, and his heart. You can get his most recent album, “Love, Hope, & War” It is great!

Natalie Lauren (fka Suzy Rock) | @msnatalielauren


In case you are not used to people changing their names up back to their government name. “fka” stands for “Formally Known As.” Suzy Rock has gone back to her real name, Natalie Lauren, and she is better than ever. There aren’t many solid female rappers in general. For a female Christian rapper to be this good is amazing! Natalie is an amazing song writer and a great role model for young ladies everywhere! She did a remake to secular song, Bad. Pick up the song she was featured in with KB, “Hello.”

Json | @Json116


I first heard of Json on his track called “Goon” featuring This’l, which is a song showing the flaws of hustling and encourages young people to stop trying to live a life on the streets. He is on Lamp Mode Recordings, the same label as Shai Linne, Timothy Brindle, and S.O.  Json turns out high quality records that has lyrics with real substance. Json stands out from the rest of the guys on the label by being so hood! (There is no other way to describe it.) This guy is fun, solid, and great to listen to. You will want to grab his most recent album, Braille.

Sho Baraka | @AmIshoBaraka


So many people got on me in the comments on my last post because I did not mention this man. Let me explain myself. Sho is one of the most talented and created artists in Christian Music (I said Christian Music, not just hip hop. He is that talented). He understands art and Christianity on a level that many don’t understand. I feel like his creativity is on another level than so many people, that he gets himself in trouble for it. The reason I didn’t mention him in my last post is because I saw this top ten as a list of rappers to show to your students. The purpose of that post was to expose them to good Christian Hip Hop. Sho is good hip hop. He is a believer; however, I have some reservations on exposing my students to him before anyone else. If I can make a recommendation–he should be in your (the youth worker’s) iTunes before he is in your students’. In his most recent album “The Talented Xth” he uses the word N**** & B**** on his track Jim Crow. To his credit, if there is anyway to say those words in an appropriate way, it would be in this way. He is edgy and in this song he talks about how people just want him to make songs for youth groups. He discusses his choice to use this word in this interview. You don’t want to miss one of his older albums, Lions and Liars. I would consider it a classic in my collection. Again, I love this guy. Listen to his music carefully before you make passing judgments.

As always, comment any artists I missed.

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22 thoughts on “10 MORE Christian Rappers You Need To Know”

  1. Josh

    Peace Frank. Thanks for linking to our piece on Sho Baraka’s track “Jim Crow”.

    A heads up… Sphere of Hip-Hop is the longest running outlet for faith based hip-hop. We’ll celebrate 17 years in March. We share news, music, downloads and videos in addition to a fully stocked online ship that features hundreds of releases… including many tough to find and out of print titles. Hope you’ll check us out sometime.

  2. Bubba

    Not sure how you don’t have Viktory in your now Top 20. Vik has been in the game for years, and his R4 album can run with any album put out in the last few years, including Rehab and Gravity. He deserves way more attention for how God is using his talents.

  3. Ryan Collins

    I have to give love to my old hometown, Chicago, and say that Decipha needs recognition, ASAP! Great list (again) and I agree that Sho Baraka should be on a leader’s playlist first before students. But even then, the message Jim Crow conveys is one this culture needs to digest. Discernment is needed…

  4. Full Grind Productions

    This is most Mainstream for Christian , not even close to best for up and coming artist…lol. Many of y’all asked where you can find new and upcoming Christian Rappers. There is a great website to keep up with all things Christian Hip Hop. It is pretty much the only place on the web you would ever need to go to for this: Rapzilla is for sure not the only place to go to find solid upcoming Christian Rappers. by far not the best place for upcoming, they are great for the “already known in christian industry” and hot features posts…other sources post many great tracks that rapzilla wouldnt post. Prolly b/c they get too many submissions and in result of that, they have to pick and chose a lot of times based on status of name and hot features u got. so they end up charging. not everyone has money just to get 1 song posted on a soundcloud page haha sooo, this is for sure not the “best” or your one way stop for upcoming christian. This is the most Mainstream for Christian.

  5. Mike

    You got the Christian rap down. I’m wondering though, what about coming up with a Top 10 Christian Rock list or somethin’?… just a suggestion…

  6. Zach Leslie

    Dre Murray deserves his own spot on this list. Gold Rush: Maybe One Day is a classic album in my opinion. His Hell’s Paradise mixtape series is AMAZING.

  7. Janet

    Recently I heard a song with..there’s no other name tha’s bringing me…as the hook. Anyone know the song or artist?

  8. John

    One of my favorite Christian rappers is Black knight. Songs like Bibles in the air, Text messages, favor, Hands up to name a few are great. I think He’s a good one to tell others about. Well God bless. Thanks for this list.

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