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July 31, 2013     Ben Read    

One of the most popular items on our Marketplace for the last year has been our Youth Ministry Fall Calendars. Lately, there have been a ton of requests for it as our marketplace is down and Fall is quickly approaching, and since we’re still working on getting the marketplace up, and I’ll be gone for a week on a mission trip, we’re giving away the file for FREE!

Youth Group Calendar events

Only two things of Note:

1 | This link is only active until Wednesday, August 7th, after that the file gets pulled.

2 | Keep in mind it was designed for Fall 2012. We’re giving you everything you need to make this calendar look good (backgrounds, icons, everything) so you don’t have to start from scratch, but you’ll need to make the dates line up.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Font we used, it’s all the Gotham family, but Novocento and others would work just as well for this look.

Download the Fall Calendar!

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0 thoughts on “Free Youth Ministry Calendar photoshop template”

  1. Shelli Jolivette Haynes

    Hi! I’m not able to download the calendar. I think the link is broken or missing?

  2. Frustrated youth worker

    Don’t bother unless you have photoshop. Awesome calendar though! I can understand why its free!! “Hey lets give away stuff for free…no one can use it…but I will seem like a nice guy.” Thanks…but no thanks. A lot of the stuff on this site is good. But this is just frustrating. Wasted time today

    1. kolby milton

      A simple fix would be to download photoshop. Use their free 30 day trial, and bam you have a free calendar. I think this calendar was worth $5-9 dollars last year. Deals!

    2. Ben Read

      Agree with Kolby. Sorry you may have wasted 30 seconds trying to download it, but photoshop can easily be had, creative cloud is down to like $40 a month. And if good looking graphics are worth it to you, thats a steal. This calendar took over 25 hours worth of design work, so sorry you lost a few seconds trying to save several hours.

    3. Ben Read

      And, next time use your name to leave a comment. We might have been able to help if we knew who you were. You’re a Youth Pastor, stand by what you say.

      1. Justin Wyatt

        Why would this person want to leave their name when this is the kind of response they get? YES, their comment is out of line and downright rude. However, your replies aren’t much better. Keep beating a person down??? Is this how we as workman of God should act towards one another?? I find this thread very sad. Thank you to those who offered useful help to “frustrated youth worker” even if he/she never sees it. To Ben “founder” you may want to examine your responses a little closer. There are hurting people out there that sometimes don’t communicate the way they should. I will give you the same challenge you rudely offered…”You’re a Youth Pastor, stand by what you say.”

        1. Chase M.

          You thought he was beating the person down? Have you ever created anything with Photoshop? The initial posting complaining was ridiculous, and sure, Founder Ben could have been politer in his response, but the comment didnt even warrant a response in the first place. You’re complaining about a FREE item not working, and then making accusations that they made a broken file in order to seem nice? I’d say you AND the hurting youth worker need thicker skin if not being able to use a free item is what throws you into hurting.

    4. pastortank

      I believe Gimp opens Photoshop files too. I could be wrong and that is free. Also, maybe there is someone in your ministry or your church that has Photoshop already. It could be used as an opportunity to reach out to others in your ministry to help the ministry by serving. They could help make this calendar. Like said by Ben. A Calendar like this from scratch takes hours and without Photoshop, it could take longer. I am not even sure how you would make it then. So this is a great deal if you think about it. Hope you figure it out.

    5. HeatherLeaCampbell

      I wish you could elaborate and explain what you mean…otherwise the anonymity and vague comment take away any possibility for validity or a solution to your problem.

  3. Corey Gibson™

    I planned to edit this (right dates) and release it, hopefully with the permission of the creator/this site.

    1. Ben Read Post author

      Hey Corey, we’d prefer it if you didn’t. It’s free for this week, but will eventually be sold again on the marketplace, with the correct dates. Thanks!

  4. Chris Coleman

    Thanks for this! I’ve been looking for a way to do a calendar that gets our parents and volunteers excited. This is it!

  5. Gus Rubio

    Been trying to download this for the last two days but the link isn’t working. Any ideas?

  6. philip_carroll

    If you have a Mac, you can download Pixelmator for $15. It allows you to open, edit and save layered PSD files (just like Photoshop). I actually used this calendar last Fall and Spring when it was made available for a few bucks by Ben and the youthmin team. Incredible resource. I understand how frustrating it can be if you don’t have certain programs or means to the necessary tools. Hopefully this helps!

  7. Chris Folkestad

    Quick question – I bookmarked this last year when I came across it. I am now formatting my fall calendar and as I was pulling my hear out on photoshop, I remembered this link. I came back to purchase it, and realize it is now gone. Any way this will be available for purchase again? Would love to implement it instead of the crud calendar I made. Thanks!

  8. Casey Chapman

    Just found this site. Love it. Sadly I found it AFTER the link for the calendar template was taken down. I don’t mind paying for it. Is there a link to buy it anywhere?

  9. Alex Hockett

    Hi, I just came across your page Ben, I understand the link is no longer active but will it be in the future?

  10. Pre4ch3r

    I just found this site. Any way you can repost this calendar? Or would you be able to point me in the right direction for a template?

  11. Bekah Freed

    It’s past the free date, but is there a way to pay for this even? I’d love to use it. Thanks!

  12. Jeff Palk

    Thanks Ben for the layout ideas. I think your calendar looks great. I couldn’t download it in the Marketplace, so I did my best to recreate it using Pages. I’m not the best in Photoshop, but I think Pages did a comparable job.

    1. Tony Mercer

      I really like the clean look of this. Hope this is not a stupid question but what is pages?

      1. Jeff Palk

        Sorry I replied a few days ago, but had a link to Apple’s website, so I guess it has to be moderated. It’s not a stupid question. Pages is to Mac as Word is to Microsoft. It is a word document program that also lets you design other things like brochures, handouts, and in my case, calendars. Go to Apples website and search Pages and it will give you more details. Hope that helps!

  13. Matt

    I just found your site this week and was about 2 weeks too late for this great calendar template. Any chance it might be availed for purchase?

  14. Kendra Chapatwala Outlaw

    anyway I can still get the free calendar?? today?!? absolutely love it!!! we have photoshop.

  15. Ryan Davis

    The link to the store has nothing in it. It is like a ghost town. Is there something wrong with the store or were the items taken down?

    1. Jay Powers

      Hey Ben. I see where we can purchase the 2013 version of this calendar. Is there a way to purchase the 2012 version? We like the look of that one better. Thanks!

  16. Travis

    I tried to go on the Marketplace and kept getting sent back here and am unable to download the Cal. Any help?

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