Youth Group Game: Who's the Hero?

May 14, 2013     Ben Read    

Here’s a fun Youth Group game we played this past weekend with our middle schoolers that only needs a life saver and some string. Have your group get into a circle (or more, depending on how large your group is) with one person in the middle. Now, the only part that could be tough is that you need a piece of string long enough for one person to hold onto both ends while everyone else in the circle is able to hold onto the string with both their hands. Now, place one (or, again, if you have more in your group and are one group, you could do multiple) lifesavers on the string, so it can slide across the string without falling. Tie the two ends together so it creates a perfect circle, and your ready to go.

We called it “Who’s the Hero?” Simply because someone is going to end up with a lifesaver, and the person in the middle has to guess who.

There’s two ways to play this game, and thats up to you to decide.

The first way is to have the person in the middle close their eyes and count to 30. While they are counting, the students holding the string will pass the lifesaver around, in any direction, but trying to stay quiet. When the 30 seconds are up, whoever has the lifesaver simply covers it up with hishand, while the person in the middle has 3 guesses to guess who is holding it. They guess wrong, they sit down, they guess right, they rejoin the circle and whoever had the lifesaver is now in the middle.

The second way of playing it lets the person in the middle keep their eyes open and watch. The group will still pass the lifesaver around, but they will have to be more sneaky about it as to not get caught. Depending on your group size, the person in the middle has 3-5 guesses before they are out. This version would almost be similar to the winking murder game a lot of Youth Groups play.

So there ya go. We have several other games we played recently with lifesavers we’ll be posting, but we’d love to know your thoughts on this one, if you play it, what we could change to make the game better, that sort of stuff. And as always, we’d love for you to submit a game to the site using the big blue submit box near the top of the page.

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