Youth Ministry Game: Insta-scramble

We’re doing an instagram themed game night tonight with our Middle School ministry, and so I wanted to come up with several games that could be integrated with my personal favorite social network. This first youth group game, to be honest, is a bit of a stretch, and really is a game you could play without using the instagram theme.

How to Play this Youth Ministry Game

What we’re doing is going around and grabbing a picture of  the different middle schools in our reach, applying an instagram filter or two, and printing them out as 8×8 images. We’ll cut them into 1 inch squares, place them into a zip-lock bag, and give a few “scrambles” to each team, enough that it works out to 2 people working on a puzzle.

After a 2 person group gets their instagram unscrambled, they’ll post it on instagram with our hashtag and mention our student ministries account, then help other groups on their team finish their scrambles.

First team to have all of theirs done and shared on their feed will win, which in our case is getting them points for their overall score for the night.

Here’s an image you could use for your slides for the game:youth ministry game

Pretty easy right? Tell us your thoughts or improvements to this game, or share one with us using the submit button at the top right of this page.



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